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Helmets save lives Here is what you need to know about yours
Motor Vehicle Accidents

Helmets save lives: Here is what you need to know about yours

While helmets aren’t the perfect solution for motorcyclists looking to avoid injury, a helmet can help prevent some injuries from being as bad as they would have been if they had not been worn. Helmets work, which is why most motorcyclists are asked to wear them. There are several parts of a helmet that protect you including: The outer shell The impact-absorbing liner The comfort padding The retention system (the

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Pothole hazards Avoid trouble on Kentucky’s roads
Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pothole hazards: Avoid trouble on Kentucky’s roads

Kentucky is beautiful this time of year, and the weather has warmed up enough to bring motorcycles back on the roads. Before you get moving, remember that the winter could have been harsh on the roads, and you could be more prone to falling victim to the hazards that you may not see until it’s too late. One of the most significant road hazards during early spring is a pothole.

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Studies show that people do not see motorcycles

The notorious left-turn accident is one every motorcyclist worries about. It happens when an oncoming car ahead of the motorcycle makes that left turn. It crosses the motorcycle’s lane. If there isn’t enough room to complete the turn, the motorcycle hits the side of the car. In some cases, riders attempt to avoid a crash, but that often means laying the bike down or swerving into oncoming lanes. No matter

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Riding in winter? Be safe on your motorcycle

Living in Covington or in the surrounding area, you know that winter has been pretty light this year. Snow has been scarce, and temperatures, though low, have rarely dropped below freezing during the day. As a result, many people have chosen to keep their motorcycles out of their garages and to continue riding. After all, motorcycles cost less to fuel and are often more efficient when traveling in congested areas.

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80% of motorcycle accidents are serious

When you look at general car accident statistics, you have a high percentage of wrecks that are not very serious. That is to say they do not result in injuries or fatalities. That does not mean they don’t matter to the people involved, of course. They are still frightening and traumatic, and they can lead to serious repair bills and property damage. Even a fender-bender can have a drastic impact

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Motorcycle gear: It can save your life

Riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable experience, but only if you safely reach your destination. Since trouble is lurking around every corner, it’s imperative to always prepare for the worst. The right motorcycle gear will go a long way in keeping you safe in the event of an accident. It can’t prevent every type of injury, but it can definitely reduce the likelihood of a serious injury or fatality. Here

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5 tips for driving your motorcycle in the rain

Most local motorcyclists wait all year long in Kentucky for warm weather to arrive. This provides the opportunity to ride without any concerns about cold weather and snow getting in the way. Even though the summer months are sure to bring warmer temperatures, you could find yourself on your motorcycle when the rain begins to fall. Here are five tips for driving your motorcycle in wet conditions: Wear the right

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Can new developments and improvements keep motorcyclists safer?

Motorcycle safety has to be a priority all year long, but the need increases during the warmer months of the year. Even though there are plenty of rainy days as the weather warms up, there are likely still motorcycles on the road. While it is easy to shift all the responsibility on the motorcyclists, they actually share the safety responsibility with other drivers on the road. New technologies that are

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Road rash has the potential to be a serious injury

As a motorcyclist, you probably know that road rash can be a result if you fall off your bike. Road rash occurs when friction from the road or ground rubs off parts of the skin. Typically, lower-impact accidents result in less road rash, while high-speed friction can tear away large portions of the skin. While road rash is usually something that will heal without major complications, there are some issues

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Always wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle

Most motorcyclists know the importance of wearing a helmet, but only around 34 to 54 percent still opt to use this important safety tool. In Kentucky, only owners of motorcycles who are over 21 years old and have had their motorcycle operator license for a year have the option of riding without one. Still, it is a good idea to always ride with one to protect your head. Anyone on

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Motorcyclists: These are the biggest dangers

As a motorcyclist in Kentucky, summer is your favorite season. You finally get to take your bike back out of the garage. You get to hit the open road. Things warm up and start moving when you have some great riding weather. Unfortunately, summer is also one of the most dangerous seasons for motorcyclists. Drivers do not remember how to drive around bikes. They’re not used to them. They don’t

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3 tips for avoiding a motorcycle crash this spring

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to take out your motorcycle and get it ready for riding season. The winter is often too dangerous and cold to use a motorcycle in Kentucky, but once the warm weather hits, you want to be back on the road. The reality, though, is that it can be dangerous to be a motorcyclist in the spring. Drivers aren’t always

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