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Lawsuit alleges medical malpractice caused damaging seizure

Medical care is often a step-by-step process. If any step is missed during the treatment process, the patient may unfortunately suffer the repercussions, and this can mean serious injury and even death. In Kentucky and across the United States, when an omission or any kind of negligence during treatment harms a patient, victims and families can take legal action and file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Just recently, a medical malpractice claim was filed in another state when a woman allegedly suffered injuries due to the negligence of her doctor. According to reports, the woman had epilepsy and sought treatment from the defendant. The lawsuit claimed that the doctor instructed the woman to reduce the dose of her anti-seizure medication. After doing so, the woman allegedly suffered a major seizure that caused her to have violent muscle contractions and lose consciousness.

Motorcycle gear: It can save your life

Riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable experience, but only if you safely reach your destination. Since trouble is lurking around every corner, it's imperative to always prepare for the worst.

The right motorcycle gear will go a long way in keeping you safe in the event of an accident. It can't prevent every type of injury, but it can definitely reduce the likelihood of a serious injury or fatality.

Human error continues to be the main cause of medical malpractice

Even though the United States is a global leader, the health care system here still has its issues. In Kentucky and across the country, doctors and nurses are becoming scarce, medical facilities are often overcrowded and health care costs have skyrocketed. Although these are major areas of concern, one problem that often gets overlooked is the increase in medical malpractice cases. In many of these cases, human error is the main culprit.

A couple in another state filed a lawsuit against a fertility clinic after the couple allegedly gave birth to the wrong children. The plaintiffs said they struggled with infertility and, after spending over $100,000 on in vitro fertilization, the Asian-American couple finally became pregnant with female twins. However, the couple claimed that they instead gave birth to two male babies who were not of Asian decent.

Does the economy impact truck accidents?

For many people, a growing economy is a good thing. A recession is a threat. They know that the economy goes up and down over time, but they naturally want to see healthy growth from year to year. It makes them feel more secure in their jobs. It shows that money is changing hands properly. It makes the country seem strong, prosperous and successful.

That said, there are some downsides to a growing economy. With the recession that started back in 2008/2009 now in the rearview mirror, you have to ask yourself if you could be in more danger on America's roads thanks to the economic growth.

Truck accidents are more likely on interstates

Tractor-trailers are massive, and these big rigs can be very dangerous for those traveling in smaller passenger vehicles. Today, there are more commercial trucks on the road than ever before in Kentucky and throughout the United States. As a result, more truck accidents are happening. Recently, an accident involving a tractor-trailer seriously injured one man and killed another.

The crash happened during the early morning hours on Interstate 69 near the Marshall-Graves County line. According to reports, a tractor-trailer loaded with crushed cars was traveling south when the driver entered the median. Apparently, the driver tried the steer back onto the roadway and the large trailer overturned, blocking the southbound lanes.

Medical malpractice lawsuit results in $300,000 award

When a patient in Kentucky undergoes a surgical procedure, it is standard practice to inform the patient of the risks as well as what will be done during the procedure. Unfortunately, not all doctors will follow the rules. A medical malpractice lawsuit in another state alleged that a surgeon's negligence caused a woman to suffer loss of fertility along with other complications.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was pregnant and delivered a baby boy via cesarean section. The lawsuit said placental tissue was discovered in the woman's uterus about two months later and she underwent a procedure to remove the tissue. Allegedly, this particular procedure is usually performed with a scope or ultrasound for guidance, but the woman's doctor did the surgery blind without these visual aids.

5 tips for driving your motorcycle in the rain

Most local motorcyclists wait all year long in Kentucky for warm weather to arrive. This provides the opportunity to ride without any concerns about cold weather and snow getting in the way.

Even though the summer months are sure to bring warmer temperatures, you could find yourself on your motorcycle when the rain begins to fall.

Man loses his leg due to alleged medical malpractice

Routine is a word often used to described minor surgical procedures, but the truth is that no surgery is routine. There is risk involved with every surgery, no matter how minor the procedure may be. Although modern technology has made health care more efficient and somewhat safer in America, mistakes are still made every single day. Any mistake made during a surgical procedure can mean permanent injuries and even death for patients. Every year, thousands of people in Kentucky and across the country suffer the consequences of medical malpractice.

A man in another state filed a lawsuit after he lost his leg due to alleged negligence by a doctor. According to the lawsuit, the man suffered a back injury that caused nerve damage in his leg, leaving him dealing with excruciating pain. The man said he was referred to a podiatrist and underwent a total of nine different surgeries to try to remedy the problem.

Truck accidents: Safely sharing the road with trucks

In recent years, interstates and highways across the state of Kentucky have seen higher volumes of commercial traffic. For motorists in passenger vehicles, it can be very intimidating traveling at high speeds in close proximity to large commercial trucks like tractor-trailers. These trucks weight about 20 times more than the average passenger car, so truck accidents have a higher chance of being fatal. The following tips may be helpful for drivers who share roadways with tractor-trailers and other large trucks.

Drivers of passenger vehicles must respect these large vehicles and observe regular driving etiquette. Yield to tractor-trailers when merging. always signal when changing lanes and avoid tailgating. Its not uncommon for some motorists to tailgate large trucks to get better gas mileage, known as drafting. This is incredibly dangerous and should always be avoided. When passing a tractor-trailer, do it quickly and do not linger in the truck driver's blind spots.

Medical malpractice during pregnancy can be devestating

For parents in Kentucky and across the United States, the birth of a child is a magical and joyful occasion that is cause for celebration. Childbirth is a process, and one that needs to handled with extreme precision and care. Any missed step during this process can have fatal consequences for both the mother and child. A woman in another state filed a medical malpractice claim after alleged negligence led to the death of her child.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was pregnant and received a herpes simplex type 2 lab test at the recommendation of her doctor. However, the lawsuit said the plaintiff was never given the results of the test. The woman said she was only about 36 weeks pregnant when she went into labor.

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