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Covington KY Legal Blog

Truck accidents: I-64 crash results in injuries

In today's world, there is a greater need to transport and deliver goods and services. Because of this need, commercial traffic has increased on roadways across the state of Kentucky. This increased traffic also brings about a higher risk for accidents. Due to the incredible size and weight of most trucks, truck accidents with passenger vehicles are more likely to result in serious injuries and death. Although truck drivers make their living by driving and spend a great amount of time behind the wheel, they still make mistakes just like other drivers.

Recently, an accident involving trucks and several vehicles occurred along Interstate 64 in Bath County. Authorities say the chain reaction crash originally started with a moving truck. According to reports, the moving truck collided with a car. Police say high winds could have pushed the truck and played a role in the collision.

Medical malpractice: Severe infection almost takes girl's leg

Not many people are aware that negligence in health care is one of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States. Although stringent regulations exist in Kentucky and across the country, thousands of patients are injured or killed each year. A medical malpractice lawsuit was filed against a medical facility in another state after alleged negligence led to a severe infection in a young girl.

It is claimed that the young girl was taken to the facility after cutting her foot while swimming. The family says that, although the cut was fairly deep and the doctor noted the wound was contaminated, no X-rays were ordered. The family claims that the wound was stitched, and the girl was sent home with no oral antibiotics. Allegedly, the very next day the wound became painful and red and the girl began to run a fever. A short time later, the girl was admitted to another medical facility where the stitches were removed and the wound was drained.

Who are the potential defendants in a truck accident?

As the dust settles after your truck accident and you begin to put the pieces of an injury claim together, you will likely realize quickly that these types of claims are much more complicated than accidents that occur between two or more consumer drivers. While any car accident can grow complicated in a number of ways, truck accidents often involve multiple defendants, and may vary greatly depending the truck driver's relationship with the company that hires him or her.

If you recently experienced a truck accident, make it a priority to carefully examine the specifics of the matter to make sure that your claim fully addresses all the parties who may hold liability. This may take some extra time and diligence, but ultimately serves to make your claim stronger and more likely to obtain full, fair compensation for your injuries and other losses.

3 reasons why motorcyclists are at risk this spring in Covington

You love the spring, and with the warmer weather, you are ready to get back on your motorcycle. Living in Covington, you know that you're at a higher risk of getting into a crash just because of your proximity to a major city. The city is home to millions who have to pass through your area to go south or when they return from Kentucky visits.

Motorcycling in the spring is dangerous, but particularly so in Covington. Here are three reasons why you need to be cautious.

Understanding Hypoxic-Ischemic Birth Injuries

For brand new parents, there are few things more stressful and confusing than learning a child has suffered hypoxic-ischemic injuries at birth. Even the words are hard to say.

If you are a parent in this situation, you need help. You need someone who understands this stuff, who cares about you and who can help walk you through the process to financial compensation and recovery.

Father's death blamed on medical malpractice

In Kentucky and across the country, more stringent guidelines and regulations in the field of health care have made medical procedures safer than ever before. However, mistakes and errors will always happen any time there is a human element in the equation. Although not widely publicized, medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

Recently, a man in another state filed a lawsuit against his local health care provider after his father died while in their care. The lawsuit says that the plaintiff's father was diagnosed with low blood pressure and was treated by the defendant. According to the lawsuit, the father was found unconscious on his front lawn and died a day after being discharged from the defendant's care.

Woman finds needle in spine and files medical malpractice suit

Even though the primary role of all health care providers should be the health and safety of patients, patient safety may not be the top priority for some doctors and nurses in Kentucky. Health care workers these days are often understaffed and in a rush to see more patients. This can lead to mistakes and medical malpractice. A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after a needle was found lodged in her spine.

According to the suit, the woman visited the hospital to give birth in 2003. She claims she was administered anesthesia via spinal needle to ease the pain of the cesarean section delivery. Allegedly, the needle was inserted incorrectly and broke off in her spine. The plaintiff claims that the medical staff left the needle in her spine and did not inform her of what had happened.

Tips for riding motorcycles through Ohio and Kentucky

Riding motorcycles can be practical because they can get you from one location to another quickly and efficiently. However, many people ride motorcycles as a recreational activity. While this is a great way to enjoy the weekend with friends, it can have many safety hazards. All motorcycle riders should take it as their personal responsibility to always aim to improve their safety and skills.

As a motorcycle rider in Kentucky and Ohio, you have the duty to wear a helmet at all times. In the state of Kentucky, the motorcycle helmet law was enacted in 1968. This law states that all riders must wear a helmet if they are under the age of 21, have had their motorcycle operator's license for under a year or have an instruction permit. Regardless, it is a good idea for all riders to wear a helmet while they are riding on or operating a motorcycle.

Medical malpractice during birth leaves child disfigured

One of the most joyful experiences in the lives of Kentucky parents is the birth of their child. However, this joyous moment can quickly turn to tragedy and despair when medical malpractice during birth and delivery leaves an infant with permanent injuries. Childbirth is a very delicate procedure that must always be handled with care. Recently, a lawsuit was filed in another state after alleged malpractice during birth left a newborn baby with head injuries.

The lawsuit, filed by the parents, asserts that the mother had to unexpectedly give birth while traveling. According to the suit, the baby suffered internal bleeding in her head during birth, but doctors incorrectly diagnosed it as a subgaleal hemorrhage instead of a cephalohematoma. Tests allegedly showed evidence of a cephalohematoma.

Medical malpractice lawsuit ends in $24 million award to mother

Mothers in Kentucky know that childbirth can be a very stressful experience, not only for the infants but also for mothers. Any errors made during this delicate time can have lifelong ramifications. A woman in another state was recently awarded over $24 million after medical malpractice caused her to lose both kidneys during childbirth.

According to the suit, the woman visited the hospital to deliver her third child. The woman gave birth the next morning after arriving, but her condition began getting worse the moment she checked in, the suit said. The plaintiff was likely suffering from an infection, but she did not receive the needed antibiotic IV treatment. Reportedly, the mother's condition deteriorated to the point where a rapid response team took control, and by this time the woman had been in pain for nearly two days and went into sepsis.

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