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More commercial traffic means greater chances for truck accidents

Tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles are vital to the United States economy. Large commercial vehicles are a convenient and economical way to ship goods across large distances. These days, the economy is booming, so interstate highways that criss-cross the state of Kentucky are constantly flooded with tractor-trailers and other commercial traffic. Sharing crowded highways with these massive vehicles can be a harrowing experience for those in smaller passenger vehicles. Truck accidents seem to be happening more and more in Kentucky.

A recent crash in Marshall County involving three tractor-trailers blocked a major interstate. The accident happened during the overnight hours on Interstate 24 near mile marker 21. According to reports, the driver of a tractor-trailer lost control, possibly due to high winds, and overturned, blocking all eastbound lanes.

Spring motorcyclists: These are the biggest dangers

As a motorcyclist in Kentucky, spring is your favorite season. You finally get to take your bike back out of the garage. You get to hit the open road. Things warm up and start moving into early summer, when you have some great riding weather before things really get hot. After a long, cold winter, it feels really good to see things start to improve.

Unfortunately, spring is also one of the most dangerous seasons for motorcyclists. Drivers do not remember how to drive around bikes. They're not used to them. They don't look for them. This leads to a lot of accidents caused by simple mistakes.

Medical malpractice lawsuit settled for nearly $1 million

Surgeons and physicians are commonly considered some of the most intelligent members of society. Although it takes years of schooling and constant training to be a doctor in the state of Kentucky, it is a fact that all humans will make mistakes. Mistakes made during medical procedures can completely change the lives of patients and families, and not for the better. A medical malpractice claim was filed against a surgeon in another state after alleged negligence during a procedure left a man with injuries.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit is a veteran of the U.S. Navy. According to the lawsuit, the man underwent a surgical procedure to remedy a blocked artery in his leg. However, the plaintiff alleged that he was used as a guinea pig for the surgeon and suffered debilitating injuries as a result of a botched procedure.

Negligence in a nursing home results in medical malpractice claim

As loved ones age, they sometimes lose their independence and may need special around-the-clock care. In today's world, it may be difficult for family members to give elderly loved ones the care they need and deserve. Fortunately, nursing facilities are available to provide care to loved ones who are not able to live alone. The vast majority of nursing homes in Kentucky are wonderful facilities that take great care of all patients. Unfortunately, medical malpractice in these facilities can quickly lead to serious injuries and death.

A former resident of a nursing facility in another state filed a lawsuit over allegations that she suffered injuries due to negligent care. According to the lawsuit, the woman was designated as a patient who was at a high risk for falls. Allegedly, the plaintiff fell from her bed and suffered preventable injuries.

3 tips for avoiding a motorcycle crash this spring

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it's time to take out your motorcycle and get it ready for riding season. The winter is often too dangerous and cold to use a motorcycle in Kentucky, but once the warm weather hits, you want to be back on the road.

The reality, though, is that it can be dangerous to be a motorcyclist in the spring. Drivers aren't always used to seeing motorcyclists on the roads, and they may make mistakes that put your life in danger. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to stay safe.

These common causes of truck accidents take lives

Truck crashes are horrifying for those who are involved, because there's no way to be sure of survival. When it's two smaller vehicles colliding, the people in each vehicle have a chance, but the reality is that a large vehicle against a small vehicle can result in carnage.

Driving trucks can be inherently more dangerous than other occupations due to the stressors involved in their work. They're expected to work long hours. They drive what could be extremely boring routes. They have few breaks, and even when they do have them, some people choose to continue driving. Some drivers falsify their logs, while others only rest the bare minimum despite knowing they need more recovery time.

A baseball career cut short by alleged medical malpractice

The knowledgeable advice of physicians is a big part of successful treatment. After a procedure, physicians and surgeons will advise patients and families in Kentucky on how to properly care for themselves to aid in healing and recovery. Deviating from a physician's recommendations could result in injuries. A former college baseball player in another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a university over claims that he was permanently injured due to negligent treatment by medical and rehab staff on his team following a procedure.

According to the lawsuit, the player suffered a lower leg injury during preseason training. After being treated by the team's athletic trainer, it was determined that he had a rare growth of additional lower leg muscles. The lawsuit asserted that the plaintiff was referred to a physician who surgically removed the growth of muscles. Allegedly, it was agreed that the sports medicine department of the university would provide all post-surgical care.

Good communication is key to reducing medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is a phrase that strikes fear into doctors and patients alike. For doctors, it can mean fighting a legal battle and potentially losing their career. For patients, it signifies injuries and harm that never should have come to them.

Medical providers are likely to face a medical malpractice claim at some point during their career. Claims are filed against approximately 42 percent of physicians during their time as physicians. The impact of the claim can leave a lasting impression, but there are things that providers should be doing to help their patients avoid injury and have a better experience.

Nursing home negligence can be considered medical malpractice

As loved ones grow older, self-care can become difficult and they may lose the ability to live independently. It is never easy for Kentucky families to place a loved one in a nursing or long-term care facility. However, nursing homes offer wonderful amenities and provide much-needed daily care and assistance for loved ones who can no longer live alone or care for themselves. Unfortunately, the mistreatment of patients in these facilities commonly makes headlines and can be considered medical malpractice.

A lawsuit has been filed against a nursing home in another state after a man died, allegedly due to contracting an infection at the facility. The lawsuit said the man was admitted to the nursing facility and had a medical history that made him more likely to have bedsores. Although the man had no sores at the time of admission, the lawsuit alleges the man developed life-threatening bed sores after being at the facility less than two months.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents: Be on the lookout

Anyone who enjoys riding a motorcycle is likely to tell you that nothing will stop them from hitting the road. Even so, experienced riders understand the importance of safety and how to lessen the likelihood of an accident.

Knowing the most common causes of motorcycle accidents will go a long way in helping you avoid dangerous situations. Here are five of the most common causes, as well as some advice on how to prevent a crash:

  • A car turns left in front of you: When approaching a traffic signal, for instance, a motor vehicle may misjudge your speed and attempt to turn left in front of you. Doing so could lead you to collide with the side of the vehicle before it clears the intersection. You can't control what other drivers do, but slowing down as you approach intersections can help prevent an accident.
  • Gravel or debris on the roadway: This has nothing to do with other drivers, and everything to do with road maintenance. Loose gravel, especially in a corner or around a bend, can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle.
  • A car hits you when changing lanes: This can happen for many reasons, including a driver who doesn't check their blind spot before making a lane change. The best thing you can do is make yourself visible to the drivers around you.
  • Rear-end collision: This can happen almost anywhere on the road, with it most common when you're stopped at a red light or stop sign. If you're in a motor vehicle, a minor rear-end collision may not result in an injury. However, when you're on a motorcycle, this almost always causes serious injury or death.
  • Car door in your path: This comes into play on any roadway where there are vehicles parked along the curb. If a driver opens their door into your path, you'll either hit it head on or attempt to swerve out of the way. It's your hope that you recognize the door quickly enough to move, but even if you do you could still lose control of your bike.

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