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Prescription Blood Pressure Medicine May Cause Cancer

Have you been diagnosed with cancer after taking Valsartan? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a recall on certain drugs containing valsartan, a medication commonly used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure. The recall was initiated after investigators determined that valsartan-containing products posed an unnecessary risk to patients, as it has been linked to an increased occurrence of cancer. The Lawrence Firm is currently investigating potential claims involving this dangerous drug.

Awareness is key in preventing truck accidents

Tractor-trailers are often very intimidating to other drivers who share Kentucky roadways with these large commercial vehicles. Due to the massive size of these trucks, any kind of collision with a tractor-trailer will do enormous damage. Although truck drivers are required to pass special exams and undergo hours of training, they can still make mistakes. Unfortunately, those involved in truck accidents are at a higher risk for serious injury or death.

Recently in Lexington, two drivers lost their lives in an accident with involving a tractor-trailer. The crash happened around noon on Georgetown Road. According to police, the trailer become detached from the truck and traveled into oncoming traffic.

Neglecting minor procedures could result in medical malpractice

Every day, thousands of medical patients in Kentucky and across the United States place their trust in the hands of skilled and capable health care professionals. The expectation is that these patients will be treated with a level of care that will aid in their health and recovery. These days, however, nurses and other medical workers are sometimes understaffed and forced to work long, exhausting shifts. This is a common cause of medical malpractice.

A man in another state filed a lawsuit after he developed ulcers due to alleged negligent care. According to the lawsuit, the man was involved in a motorcycle accident several years ago and, as a result, became quadriplegic. Apparently, the man was a patient of a home health company that took care of his daily needs.

Motorcyclist risks: Open vehicles result in more injuries

Motorcyclists are in danger on the roads in the United States partially because they're not as common as other vehicles. When you go out on your motorcycle, it's likely that you may see one or two other motorcyclists, but you'll see dozens of trucks and cars. The reality is that motorcycles just aren't that common.

The good news is that estimates from the Governors Highway Safety Association have shown motorcyclist fatalities decreasing over time. Between 2016 ad 2017, fatalities decreased approximately 5.6 percent based on early estimates. That's an overall reduction of around 296 fatalities.

Anesthetic errors can lead to serious consequences

Anesthesia is one of the most complicated parts of medicine. Dosages and mixtures have to be accurate and measured for each patient individually based on numerous factors.

As a patient, you're at your most vulnerable when you're under anesthesia. Here are three common anesthesia errors and how you can help make sure your anesthesiologist doesn't make them.

More rest areas could reduce truck accidents

The state of Kentucky is home to a network of major highways and interstates. These major arteries are used by tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles to transport goods and merchandise across the country. However, demands sometimes force truck drivers to drive for hours on end without rest, which can result in truck accidents. A recent study conducted by the University of Kentucky indicates that more rest areas may help reduce fatigue-related truck accidents.

In the study, researchers used crash data along with mapping technology to determine how far from rest areas that fatigue related crashes occurred. The results showed that most crashes involving sleepiness or fatigue happened where rest areas were further than 20 miles away. The study also showed that fatigue-related accidents were more likely to happen on parkways instead of interstates.

Medical malpractice can manifest in the form of nursing neglect

For many Kentucky families, placing a loved one in a nursing home can be an difficult decision to make. Nursing facilities were designed to provide extensive daily care for those who are unable to live independently or care for themselves. However, when nursing staff fail to carry out daily tasks and duties, patients can suffer consequences that often lead to injury and even death. Nursing negligence is a form of medical malpractice and the families of those who have been neglected may be able to take legal action.

A nursing facility in another state recently made headlines over allegations of abuse and neglect from nursing staff. Reportedly, the facility has been fined in the past for alleged verbal and physical abuse of residents. However, according to recent allegations, an 87 year-old patient at the facility died after tests indicated that the woman was severely dehydrated.

Commercial truck drivers can make mistakes that endanger others

Any mistake made behind the wheel of a motor vehicle could prove injurious or even fatal. Regardless of whether the vehicle in question is a boat, a car or a motorcycle, there's risk to the person driving the others in the vehicle and anyone else nearby.

In cases where a mistake comes from a commercial driver, there is increased potential for a massive accident. Severe injuries and death are possible outcomes. It is also significant because the truck driver does not assume much of the potential risk in these cases.

Medical malpractice in invasive surgeries can be debilitating

Invasive and complicated medical procedures such as heart surgeries require surgeons and other providers to maintain constant focus and attention. One minor mistake during a procedure like this can mean death or permanent disabilities for the patient. The state of Kentucky is privileged to have some of the best surgeons and doctors in the country. However, any surgeon or physician can make mistakes and contribute to medical malpractice.

A man in another state filed a lawsuit against a hospital after he allegedly suffered two strokes after a heart procedure. According to the lawsuit, the man underwent a triple coronary artery bypass surgery. The plaintiff claims that, after the surgery, he experienced several complications that required extended care.

Cardiology Devices Recalled Due to Serious Injury and Death

A Class I recall has been issued for two defective cardiac guidewire devices. The Rotawire Elite and wireClip Torquer, manufactured by Boston Scientific, have been pulled from the market after being linked to serious complications, including death. The Lawrence Firm is currently accepting clients who have been injured, or who have lost loved ones as a result of these defective devices.

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