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Beware of these commonly misdiagnosed conditions

According to a recent report by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), every year, five percent of patients who seek outpatient treatment experience a diagnosis that is inaccurate or delayed, if not missed altogether.

Misdiagnosis is a common concern among patients, as overlooking a serious health condition can result in additional harm or even death.

Medical malpractice: Pregant woman dies due to alleged negligence

Losing an immediate family member is a tragic event that no person wants to experience. However, when a loved one is lost due to medical malpractice, the experience can be absolutely devastating. Doctors and medical professionals in the state of Kentucky have an obligation to treat patients with care and perform their duties to the best of their abilities. These days, due to the hectic and chaotic climate of modern health care facilities, patients are often discharged prematurely to make room for other patients. This can have detrimental effects.

A husband in another state filed a lawsuit after his pregnant wife died as a result of alleged negligent care. Reportedly, the woman was admitted to the hospital with a fever and other flu-like symptoms such as an elevated heart rate, chills and difficulty breathing. Despite her symptoms, the lawsuit says no laboratory testing or chest X-rays were performed and the woman was discharged later that same day.

Man loses his leg as a result of alleged medical malpractice

It takes years of academic training and experience to become a physician in the state of Kentucky. Although physicians and surgeons are widely considered to be some of the most intelligent members of society, they are not exempt from errors. When mistakes or negligence occur in the medical field, the consequences can be absolutely devastating for patients and families. Unfortunately, medical malpractice happens every single day in the United States.

A man in another state recently filed a lawsuit alleging that negligence resulted in the loss of his leg and foot. According to the lawsuit, the man was under the care of the defendant for a diabetic heel ulceration. Allegedly, the man suffered an infection, which spread and gradually worsened.

The trucking industry knows it has a real safety problem

At the start of every year, people like to make resolutions about ways they will improve themselves. In a surprise move, the Trucking Alliance also announced that it had a professional resolution for 2019. The organization acknowledged that commercial trucks were responsible for more than 4,700 deaths and over 145,000 injuries across the United States in the last reportable year.

They claim to aspire to reduce those numbers to zero for 2019. Unfortunately, that desire simply isn't realistic. Commercial truck drivers are working as much now as they ever have. Although more information is coming in about the necessity of expanded safety equipment and improved "best practices," the status quo reigns.

Medication errors can constitute medical malpractice

A big part of successful medical treatment involves attention to detail and meticulous planning by doctors and nurses. Any slip-up or missed step by providers, no matter how minor, can have disastrous consequences for the patient. This is especially true when it comes to administering medications. Every person can respond differently to medications and allergic reactions to medications have been known to result in death. In Kentucky and across the country, medication errors are the basis of many medical malpractice claims.

A lawsuit filed against a medical facility in another state claimed that a medication error led to the death of an Air Force veteran. The lawsuit said the man sought treatment at the medical center due to nausea and vomiting. According to the lawsuit, the defendant administered doses of a medication called pegfilgtastim although the man had been prescribed filgrastim.

Truck accidents: Police officer killed in tragic crash

Semitrailers are massive vehicles and sharing roadways with these trucks can definitely be intimidating for other drivers. In Kentucky, the drivers of these commercial vehicles are required to posses special licenses only acquired by undergoing rigorous training. However, training does not necessarily prevent drivers from making mistakes. Unfortunately, truck accidents commonly result in serious injuries or death due to the size of the vehicles and force of the collisions.

Recently, a Louisville police officer was killed in a tragic accident involving a semitrailer. According to reports, the officer was conducting a routine traffic stop during the overnight hours on a well-traveled highway. Reportedly, the officer's vehicle was in the right lane of the highway with the emergency lights activated, along with a pickup truck that the officer had stopped. Reports said a semitrailer traveling east violently struck the back of the officer's car while she was inside. The impact of the collision knocked the officer's car into the pickup truck.

Man left in a vegetative state due to alleged medical malpractice

Every day, thousands of Kentucky patients place their lives in the hands of capable physicians and surgeons Patients trust that these skilled professionals will read charts correctly and conduct the appropriate tests and/or evaluations prior to an exam or procedure. However, doctors are human and humans will make mistakes. A family in another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after a man was left permanently injured after a surgical procedure.

According to the lawsuit, the man was a prominent cardiac surgeon and developed back problems. After a routine surgery, the lawsuit said the man was intravenously given Dilaudid, which is a powerful pain killer. Allegedly, the man's chart warned that he had a low tolerance for narcotics. The lawsuit said the man went into respiratory failure only minutes after being given the Dilaudid. Reportedly, providers gave him a dose of Narcan, which reverses the effects of Dilaudid, but waited more than 15 minutes to do so.

Semitruck crashes: Determining liability

The start of a new year is a good time for drivers to brush up on some basic automotive safety tips. One huge consideration, especially for those who travel around semitrucks, is to ensure they know some of the common causes of crashes with these large vehicles.

While it is easy to blame truckers for all big rig crashes, there are sometimes other causes. If you are involved in a crash with one of these vehicles, the cause of the 18-wheeler wreck can impact whom you hold liable for the damages you suffered in the accident.

Soldier files medical malpractice claim after missed diagnosis

Cancer is a disease that no person wants to face. However, the majority of families in Kentucky have been affected by cancer one way or another. Time is one of the most critical factors when it comes to fighting a disease like cancer. Quickly and correctly diagnosing cancer is crucial when it comes to the survival of the patient. A man in another state filed a medical malpractice claim after doctors allegedly failed to diagnosis his cancer.

The man was a soldier with the Green Berets and said his doctors missed his lung cancer. According to his lawsuit, the man began having breathing difficulties not long after undergoing a routine physical. The man says he eventually visited an ER at a military medical center only to be examined then sent home. Allegedly, the plaintiff's condition continued to worsen to the point where he began coughing up blood.

Serious injuries and fatalities usually accompany truck accidents

Although semitrailers are the most efficient way to transport goods and materials, these massive trucks can be extremely dangerous. Understandably, sharing crowded roadways with semitrailers can be quite intimidating for Kentucky motorists. Although truck drivers are required to undergo special training and obtain licensing in order to operate these large vehicles, this does not prevent them from making mistakes. Unfortunately, truck accidents usually result in fatalities.

A recent accident involving a semitrailer in Glasgow claimed the lives of two people. The crash involved four vehicles and happened along Happy Valley Road. According to reports, the driver of a westbound semitrailer crossed the center line of the roadway and into oncoming traffic. The semi struck the rear trailer of an eastbound semitrailer, continued on and crashed into a passenger van and a pickup truck, reports said.

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