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Drivers must always stay focused to prevent truck accidents

When traveling at high speeds on crowded Kentucky interstates, drivers need to stay hyperfocused at all times, especially when massive vehicles like tractor-trailers are present. Drivers in smaller passenger vehicles should always give tractor-trailers the respect they deserve. Never follow too closely, always maintain plenty of space between vehicles and, most importantly, pay attention. Losing focus for just a split second is enough to cause a fatal crash. Tragically, truck accidents have a much higher chance of being fatal due to the massive size of these commercial vehicles.

Recently in McCracken County, a crash involving a tractor-trailer claimed the life of a man. The accident happened during the afternoon hours on Interstate 24 near mile marker 14. According to reports, the driver of an eastbound pickup truck collided with a tractor-trailer traveling the same direction.

Fetal monitoring errors can cause birth injuries

Medical equipment is essential in ensuring the health of the mother and baby before and during labor. Fetal monitors play a huge part in maintaining knowledge about the health of the baby.

Electronic fetal monitoring is a bedside device that provides graphic and numerical information on the heart rate of the baby, as well as maternal uterine activity. This must be carefully monitored by obstetricians and nurses so that fetal distress can be effectively treated.

Medical malpractice lawsuit alleges improper diagnosis

When it comes to successful medical treatment, a timely and correct diagnosis is often the first and most important step. If an illness or medical condition is not recognized or properly diagnosed, how can it be treated? Unfortunately, this type of medical malpractice is not uncommon for patients in Kentucky and across the country. A lawsuit filed in another state claims that doctors failed to diagnose a spinal infection that left a man suffering injuries.

Apparently, the man was complaining of back pain and was having trouble taking deep breaths. After visiting a hospital, the lawsuit says that the man was examined by a physician, diagnosed with pleurisy and discharged. Allegedly, the man returned to the hospital the next day with complaints of worsening pain in his back, only to be discharged again with the same diagnosis.

Medical malpractice: Errors will happen when providers are rushed

Its not uncommon for hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities in Kentucky to experience high patient volumes and be filled to near capacity levels. In an effort to open up rooms and see more patients, providers will often be in a rush to discharge patients, which can lead to negligence. A man in another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit over allegations that he was discharged from a hospital with a piece of a catheter lodged in his body.

The lawsuit said the man visited the hospital to be treated for an aneurysm. According to claims, the man was discharged only three days after his procedure, only to return to the hospital after he experienced difficult swallowing. The man remained hospitalized for nearly a week after and, during that time, a catheter was inserted into his body, the lawsuit said.

Medical malpractice: Mistakes will happen despite preparation

In a perfect world, medical providers would be able to heal ailments and facilitate the health and recovery of all patients. However, in the real world, mistakes are often made that exacerbate medical issues instead of remedy them. In Kentucky and across the United States, medical malpractice continues to be a very real and concerning problem. When negligence contributes to injuries, victims have the option to take legal action.

In another state, a woman filed a lawsuit alleging that she suffered injuries when a cleaning agent was mistakenly applied to her arm at a clinic. The woman said she was a patient at a gynecological and obstetrics clinic. According to the lawsuit, she was there having a birth control implant removed. After having the implant successfully removed, the lawsuit said the woman was asked to return to the clinic to have an antiseptic removed from her arm.

The high cost of limbs lost in trucking accidents

Commercial trucks are so much larger than the typical passenger vehicle that they can cause horrific damage to the vehicle and catastrophic injuries to the passengers inside. Incidents involving the shearing or crushing of parts of a vehicle are common in commercial truck collisions.

Whether another vehicle slides under the bigger commercial truck or part of a vehicle gets pinched between the cab and the trailer during a jackknifing accident, the potential exists for the people in the smaller vehicle to wind up losing a hand, foot, arm or leg as a result of the accident.

A failure to diagnose can constitute medical malpractice

Without question, one of the most painful injuries any Kentucky resident can experience is a broken bone. A fracture, no matter how minor, requires the proper treatment and care in order to heal quickly and correctly. However, treatment cannot be administered if the injury is never diagnosed in the first place. A man in another state claims that medical providers failed to diagnose broken bones in his foot and he filed a medical malpractice lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the man was injured at work when a 1,000 pound pipe fell on his foot. He sought immediate treatment at a local urgent care clinic, the lawsuit said. Allegedly, providers took an X-ray of his foot and closed a wound. The man said he was sent home and told by the doctor to keep his foot elevated and take ibuprofen.

Learning disabilities could be caused by birth injuries

Some children may develop a learning difficulty if they struggle to develop as quickly as expected. A learning difficulty is a broad term that covers a wide range of developmental difficulties in children. These can be temporary, or they may have an impact on the person for their entire lifetime.

While developmental disabilities should never have to define a person or dictate what they can achieve in the future, many parents want to take action to ensure that the cause of their child's disability is established. In many cases, a learning disability may be derived from an injury during birth. When developmental disabilities are the result of a birth injury, it may be possible to make a medical malpractice claim against the medical provider.

Traffic accidents often cause hidden injuries

After experiencing a traffic accident, the most important thing to do for any accident victim is identify injuries the accident caused. These injuries are often dangerous, and waiting to receive care or avoiding are altogether can cause long-term harm.

Many people who experience traffic accidents choose to not have a full medical examination afterward because they don't see any signs of injury and don't feel any pain from an injury. Unfortunately, many traffic accident injuries are not visible and may not cause pain for hours or even many days.

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