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A head injury can change everything in an instant

It’s impossible to predict if, when, or how you’ll be injured. However, some injuries are more dangerous than they may seem, such as head injuries. In many instances, receiving a blow to the head can cause significant injuries to your brain, even though you may not see any signs of harm or feel pain. A blow to the head can happen just about anywhere, whether in a car accident, a

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Is a mild traumatic brain injury really serious?

After a motor vehicle accident, if you don’t feel any serious pain or have obvious broken bones or bleeding, you might think that you weren’t injured in the collision. However, if you hit your head in the accident, you may have an invisible injury — a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Mild TBIs often go undiagnosed after car accidents because they are not easy to identify. Unfortunately, they can still

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Brain injuries during childbirth are a serious risk

Even with all the marvels of modern medicine, there remain many types of injuries one can suffer during the process of childbirth. Some of the most dangerous injuries possible in childbirth are brain injuries to both the mother and the child. If you recently gave birth to a child and worry that either you or your child suffered a brain injury, it is crucial to seek out proper medical attention.

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A mild traumatic brain injury can produce major harm

If you recently experienced a car accident or suffered a blow to the head some other way, like playing a sport, you may have a very serious injury and not yet know it. Since there are often few direct visual indications of a head injury, it is an easy thing to overlook after an accident. Furthermore, the symptoms of these injuries do not always present themselves immediately. In many cases, victims

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Experimental surgeries leave 6-year-old with brain damage

He’s just 6 years old, but he faces some of the toughest obstacles anyone of any age can face in life. The boy lives with his family about 300 miles northwest of Covington in the Chicago area. His family recently settled a medical malpractice lawsuit for $30 million against a doctor and a medical center where 25 surgeries were performed on the boy. Some of the procedures were “risky, novel

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What is the Glasgow Coma Scale?

When a person is in a coma or has suffered a serious brain injury, the medical team might assess the patient’s condition. The Glasgow Coma Scale is one tool that can be used to assess patients. This scale provides a score of 3 to 15, which indicates the person’s prognosis. What elements are included in the Glasgow Coma Scale? The GCS takes into account a person’s motor response, verbal response,

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Brain injuries affect the entire person, not just the body

Last week, we discussed some of the effects of brain injuries. If you recall, those effects can be long-lasting, life-altering, and very serious. What some of our readers might not realize is that the effects of a brain injury aren’t always apparent right away. In some cases, the effects of the injury might not show up for weeks or months after the injury occurs. That can make life even more

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What type of effects can brain injuries cause?

Brain injuries can affect every aspect of a person’s life. While many people might focus on the cognitive and physical effects of a brain injury, some brain injury victims might also suffer from the emotional effects of the injury. All of these effects can come together to cause dramatic changes in the victim’s life. Additionally, they can also cause dramatic changes for their loved ones. Understanding some points about how

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Kentucky researchers study effects of concussions on teens

Two researchers at the University of Kentucky have made some interesting findings on the effects of concussions on young athletes. They studied the emotional, cognitive and physical symptoms that young athletes develop after their injury. They studied 37 athletes ages 12 to 17 years old. The two researchers are uniquely qualified for this project. One, a neuropsychologist who is the head of UK HealthCare’s state-of-the-art Multidisciplinary Concussion Program, was once

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Brain injury patients might benefit from brain implant study

Suffering from any type of brain injury can have an impact on the rest of a person’s life. In some cases, the impact is minimal and life returns to normal. When the impact is significant, the long-term effects can be devastating. Research being done by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency might lead to a lessened impact of traumatic brain injuries. The project involves the implanting probes in the brain

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ICU care linked to brain damage

Kentucky residents might be interested in hearing that Vanderbilt University researchers have discovered the longer patients stay in intensive care units, the more likely they are to develop long-term brain damage. Sometimes hospitals keep patients in drug-induced comas to ease their pain and make them comfortable. However, according to Vanderbilt’s research, hospitals might need to strive to keep patients more mentally alert to prevent them from developing brain damage. According

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Rehab for brain trauma often denied

Traumatic brain injuries are a growing concern in the United States, with 1.7 million new cases seen each year. 90,000 of these cases are so serious that they cause long-term disability. Kentucky residents likely know that brain injuries can be caused by car accidents, workplace accidents, or sports injuries. Trauma from roadside bombs has been so common in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts that brain trauma has been called the

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