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Always wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle

Most motorcyclists know the importance of wearing a helmet, but only around 34 to 54 percent still opt to use this important safety tool. In Kentucky, only owners of motorcycles who are over 21 years old and have had their motorcycle operator license for a year have the option of riding without one. Still, it is a good idea to always ride with one to protect your head.

Anyone on a motorcycle should also ensure they are driving safely and wearing other gear that will minimize the chance of injury if they are involved in an accident or thrown off their motorcycle.

Properly fitted helmets are comfortable

Some people simply don’t like wearing a helmet so they choose to ride without out if they aren’t required to. They think that they are going to be uncomfortable with one on, but a properly fitted helmet should be very comfortable.

Protection for the neck and spine

Some claim that they damage the spine or neck, but this isn’t true. Helmets will actually absorb the impact if there is an accident. This means that it will even protect your spine and neck if you are in a crash.

Not only for low-speed crashes

A DOT-approved helmet will even offer this protection if you are traveling at higher speeds. Some people falsely claim that helmets only offer protection in crashes of up to 13 miles per hour. This is because they don’t understand that the DOT testing that requires the helmet to protect the head from a 6-foot fall with an impact of 13 miles per hour is the average height and speed of the impact when a rider falls off a motorcycle.

Vision and hearing are preserved

Some motorcyclists assume that they won’t be able to see or hear with a helmet on. The truth is that the helmet can remove background noise, which could make it easier for you to hear important sounds like sirens or horns in traffic. Any helmet that is approved by the DOT, which should have a suitable DOT symbol on it, has to provide the ability to see 210 degrees. This is actually a greater visual field than the 180 degrees that is typical for people.

Even if you are wearing a helmet, you must ensure that you are driving safely. If you are involved in an motorcycle accident, be sure that you get medical care even if you are not sure that you need it. You might also decide to seek compensation. A Northern Kentucky personal injury lawyer from TLF can help.


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