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Legal Claims Involving Physician Malpractice

A Fact About Physician Malpractice

Between 1990 and 2002, 5% of all doctors were responsible for 54% of medical malpractice awards, according to the National Practitioner Data Bank.

Helping Clients After Incidents Of Doctor Negligence

We all place a great deal of faith in our doctors and other medical providers. Unfortunately, there are physicians who are negligent and deliver care that is not up to the accepted standard. When injuries, illness and death result from substandard care, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to learn about your options.

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Experience Allows Us To Handle The Most Difficult Cases

At The Lawrence Firm, PSC, in Covington, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio, our attorneys have more than 40 years of experience in handling medical malpractice cases. We have developed a reputation as skilled and compassionate advocates in all types of cases involving physician malpractice and other medical malpractice claims.

Every Medical Specialty Has Its Share Of Negligent Physicians

Physicians are involved in such a wide range of their clients’ medical lives that there are innumerable areas where medical malpractice can occur. Failures to diagnose and delays in diagnoses of serious conditions are common physician malpractice claims. Others include prescription and medication errors, mistakes in pregnancy resulting in birth injuries, pediatric medical malpractice, mistakes when administering anesthesia, urgent care and emergency room errors, radiology mistakes, and pain medication overdoses.

Negligence occurs in all medical specialties, including obstetrics and gynecology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, radiology, general surgery, anesthesiology, neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, plastic surgery and pharmacology.

Problems arise when doctors fail to communicate, fail to order the right tests, fail to see the patient in a timely manner and fail to take appropriate action.

Using Experience, Knowledge And Technology To Build A Strong Case

Our lawyers investigate the issues and consult with our in-house nurse and our nationwide network of specialists. At The Lawrence Firm, PSC, we are experienced in helping victims of physician negligence and their families recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries. We have more than 40 years of experience serving clients injured by physician errors or other forms of medical malpractice throughout northern Kentucky and southwest Ohio.

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