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is ohio a no fault state
Motor Vehicle Accidents

Is Ohio a No-Fault State?

Unlike no-fault states where you contact your own insurance first, the state of Ohio allows you to file a claim against the at-fault party first. Ohio is also a comparative negligence state. This means that you can be found partially responsible for an accident.

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Driving while feeling under the weather is a dangerous choice

Catching a cold or coming down with the flu can be a major inconvenience. Life doesn’t stop just because you feel sick. Many adults feel compelled to go to work while sick. They may also have to transport their children places and meet other obligations. The pressure to keep performing even while under the weather can lead people to underestimate…

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Do you know the two most dangerous invisible crash injuries?

In the aftermath of a major motor vehicle collision, most of the injuries you suffer will be pretty obvious. Broken bones could prevent you from putting pressure on your limbs, while spinal cord injuries could prevent you from moving at all. Lacerations and painful contusions will also be obvious right at the scene of the crash, even if the bruising…

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Motorcyclists must be treated with respect on the roads

Motorcyclists must be careful anytime they venture out on the roadways. There are many things that can go wrong over the course of a ride that can lead to serious problems. While motorcyclists can reduce the risk of many of these occurring, drivers also have to do their part. Despite the negative perception of motorcyclists that comes from movies and…

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Helmets save lives: Here is what you need to know about yours

While helmets aren’t the perfect solution for motorcyclists looking to avoid injury, a helmet can help prevent some injuries from being as bad as they would have been if they had not been worn. Helmets work, which is why most motorcyclists are asked to wear them. There are several parts of a helmet that protect you including: The outer shell…

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Car accident victims should always receive a medical exam

A car accident can happen any time that you are on the road, and even relatively small accidents can cause serious injuries. Unfortunately, many victims of car accidents leave the scene believing that they did not suffer any injuries and they never receive important medical care. Traffic accidents often cause injuries that may not cause pain for several hours up…

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Pothole hazards: Avoid trouble on Kentucky’s roads

Kentucky is beautiful this time of year, and the weather has warmed up enough to bring motorcycles back on the roads. Before you get moving, remember that the winter could have been harsh on the roads, and you could be more prone to falling victim to the hazards that you may not see until it’s too late. One of the…

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Pedestrian accidents on the rise

Most people are in a rush to get somewhere. Whether it is to make it to work on time or to get to an important appointment, drivers put a lot of focus on getting where their going, and not necessarily the path they are taking to get there. Whether it was from rushing to get through a light or traveling…

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Roadway polishing can lead to serious injuries and death

Interstate 75 is a dangerous corridor, but do you know why? One of the issues that has caused collisions is the fact that the roads are simply too slick. Take, for example, an issue that was addressed in November. There had been several serious collisions in the same location on I-75, and it finally drew enough attention to get a…

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The most dangerous road is the mile closest to your home

If you are like most adults, you probably have specific routes that you travel to work and other obligations each day. You may take the same streets habitually, leading you to feel comfortable and safe driving in those areas. However, what you feel is a false sense of security based on your familiarity with those roads and not on the…

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Do you know how to avoid a snowy interstate pile-up?

Recently in the news, there have been several stories about injuries and deaths from interstate pile-ups. While these types of multi-vehicle crashes can happen during any season when it gets foggy, they are especially common in winter due to icy and snowy weather conditions. How to avoid these type of collisions When the weather is particularly bad, your best bet…

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What to do when auto accident injuries arise after the fact

When you experience an auto accident, it is a great relief to shake off the surprise of the incident and find that you did not suffer any serious injuries. Modern vehicles often include sophisticated safety features that make it much safer for drivers and passengers to go through a car accident, but many injuries can still occur without victims recognizing…

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