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Can new developments and improvements keep motorcyclists safer?

Motorcycle safety has to be a priority all year long, but the need increases during the warmer months of the year. Even though there are plenty of rainy days as the weather warms up, there are likely still motorcycles on the road. While it is easy to shift all the responsibility on the motorcyclists, they actually share the safety responsibility with other drivers on the road.

New technologies that are available on motorcycles and other vehicles can play a big part in the safety of these bikers. Some of the most interesting improvements that have been developed or are on the drawing board have to do with the motorcyclists.

Improvements for motorcycles

A study that was released by the National Transportation Safety Board notes that there are several improvements that could be made to motorcycles to help keep the bikers safe. These include things like enhanced braking systems and stability control. Even crash prevention and warning systems would be beneficial.

Improvements to the safety warning systems of other vehicles can also help to keep motorcycles safe. One huge safety factor for motorcycles is that drivers might not spot them. It is possible that a car will change lanes or turn right into a motorcycle. Unfortunately, this is due, in part, to the small profile of the motorcycle, which can easily be hidden in a car’s blind spot.

Safety gear improvement

Safety gear protects motorcyclists and may minimize the extent of injuries. The helmet is a primary piece of safety gear. But, what if it could do more than just protect the rider’s head?

A new prototype helmet has LED lights to make it easier for other vehicles to see the motorcyclist, especially in the darker hours. One particularly important feature of the helmet is that the LED lights don’t remain one consistent color. It contains a sensor that lets the helmet know when the rider is speeding up or slowing down. When slowing down, the lights change to a flashing red. It isn’t tied to the brakes at all, so this occurs even if the rider slows down without braking.

The developer of the prototype helmet opted not to patent the technology, so helmet manufacturers can use the open-source design. He noted that saving a life was much more important than collecting a royalty check.

While all of the improvements are a step in the right direction, they will never take away the need to drive safely. Drivers should remain vigilant. If a motorcyclist is struck, they may face serious injuries. They may ultimately opt to seek compensation from the party who crashed into them.


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