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Misdiagnosis in Emergency Departments to blame for 2.5 million harms

According to a recent review of Emergency Department errors commissioned by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, diagnosis errors and misdiagnosis- related harms could be to blame for more than 7 million errors, 2.5 million harms and 350,000 patients suffering potentially preventable permanent disability or death. A key finding from the study was that just 15 clinical conditions accounted for the majority (68%) of diagnosis errors associated with

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Hospital Errors

Pharmacists warn of deadly preventable medical error due to new drug packaging

A medical products company announced new way of packaging potassium chloride for injection concentrates – new packaging of this concentrate has been the in the past associated with at least 3 infant fatalities. What was once stored in a glass bottle is now given in an Excel plastic bag, that looks similar to an IV infusion bag. Pharmacists are concerned about the potential risk for the concentrated potassium chloride to

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Cardiology Devices Recalled Due to Serious Injury and Death

A Class I recall has been issued for two defective cardiac guidewire devices. The Rotawire Elite and wireClip Torquer, manufactured by Boston Scientific, have been pulled from the market after being linked to serious complications, including death. The Lawrence Firm is currently accepting clients who have been injured, or who have lost loved ones as a result of these defective…

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The Dangers of Robotic Surgery

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people die as the result of a medical error. With this in mind, it’s imperative to keep a close eye on your medical team at all times. Unfortunately, you can only do so much to protect yourself. At some point, you need to put your trust in others, hoping that they know what to…

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Can technology prevent surgical errors?

Da Vinci surgery is becoming increasingly common in Kentucky and throughout the developed world. This type of surgery is technology based. The surgeon controls a high-tech robot through a computer-based interface. Is da Vinci Surgery More Dangerous Than We’ve Been Led to Believe? Although this type of surgery is lauded for its decrease in patient discomfort, patient recovery time and…

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Sounding the alarm…About too many alarms.

By Rob Lewis Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. According to a recent study published in the British medical Journal, the mean rate of death from medical errors is 251,454. Medical errors can occur at the individual level (i.e. an error by an individual nurse or doctor) or at the systemic level (i.e.…

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Preventable medical errors strike often and everywhere

By Rob Lewis When we see a tragedy in the news or hear about one from friends, we do everything we can to convince ourselves that whatever the tragedy was, it could not happen to us or to our families.  We look for “evidence” that the victims of the tragedy used drugs or made bad lifestyle choices or otherwise put…

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Doctor becomes medical malpractice attorney

An accident in a baseball game 12 years ago broke bones in his hand and shattered his career as a surgeon. Prevented from answering the call as a doctor, he turned to a new calling: the study of law and life as a medical malpractice attorney. Lawrence Schlachter has been a surgeon and is now a lawyer fighting for patients…

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The sound of healing

For people who are ill, the sound of silence can be a healing absence of distracting noise. Unfortunately, as anyone who has been hospitalized in Covington or Cincinnati can tell you, hospitals are anything but quiet. As hospital administrators, doctors and others try to find ways reduce the risk of medical malpractice, they are looking more carefully at factors such…

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Unnecessary but lucrative procedures

Some readers of our Covington medical malpractice blog will recall a post we published back in October on an Indiana cardiologist. The New York Times had run a thought-provoking investigative piece on a doctor who retired in 2014, leaving behind hundreds of angry and injured former patients. A more recent article in a legal journal gave us more details on…

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Ohio Supreme Court mulling medical malpractice case

It’s a little over an hour’s drive north from Covington to find the suburban home of a retired Air Force colonel who is waiting to hear the Ohio Supreme Court rule on his medical malpractice case. The high court won’t be deciding whether or not the former colonel and airline pilot was harmed by a negligent surgeon, but whether or…

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When doctors fail to warn patients of drug effects

It’s standard for doctors to tell patients of the effects of prescribed or administered drugs. But what happens when a physician fails to live up to that standard and neglects to tell a patient that a powerful medication can make it unsafe to drive? A Kentucky newspaper reports that in one case far from Covington, a state’s highest court has…

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