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Obtain Full Compensation For Brain Injuries Resulting From Accidents

Brain injuries occur at a point in time, although the long-lasting impact and impairment as a result of the injuries may develop over weeks, even months, after an accident. Brain injuries can be caused by impact, force or a lack of oxygen. They can occur as a result of medical negligence during birth, surgical errors, and car and truck accidents. Anytime the brain loses oxygen or suffers trauma, the victim is at risk of the long-term effects of a brain injury. A brain injury can seriously impede your ability to work or function physically or emotionally.

At The Lawrence Firm, PSC, we are experienced in assisting the victims and families of brain injury accidents. As in all the personal injury claims we handle, we will work to demonstrate their injuries and recover monetary compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, health care needs and long-term expenditures. We understand the loss you have suffered and will help you recover the compensation you deserve. If you or your loved one has suffered a brain injury, our attorneys can help you collect the medical evidence you need to demonstrate your injuries. With offices in Covington and Cincinnati, we represent clients in northern Kentucky and southwest Ohio.

Our firm is dedicated to helping families improve the quality of life and providing resources for medical care needs for brain injury victims.

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Common Causes Of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be a result of a range of causes. Anything involving blunt force trauma to the head can result in a traumatic brain injury, including a motor vehicle accident, faulty products or malfunctioning machinery. Even medical negligence can result in cerebral palsy or other brain complications.

Even if you do not strike your head, you may have suffered a head injury as a result of the force of impact. A brain injury may not even show up on an MRI, CAT scan or X-ray. Our attorneys will fully investigate your injuries and identify all responsible parties to pursue your claim and just recovery. If you or your loved one lost consciousness at an accident scene, are suffering from memory loss, or are overly emotional or temperamental, you may have suffered a closed head injury.

Our attorneys will:

  • Contact medical experts
  • Collect medical documentation
  • Assist you in procuring the treatment you need
  • Fully advocate on your behalf in and out of court

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