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Pothole hazards: Avoid trouble on Kentucky’s roads

Pothole hazards Avoid trouble on Kentucky’s roads

Kentucky is beautiful this time of year, and the weather has warmed up enough to bring motorcycles back on the roads. Before you get moving, remember that the winter could have been harsh on the roads, and you could be more prone to falling victim to the hazards that you may not see until it’s too late.

One of the most significant road hazards during early spring is a pothole. A pothole, which is a depression in the road where asphalt has broken away, is generally the result of water damage, cracking and traffic driving over the area.

For people in larger vehicles, potholes may not cause many problems. Deep potholes can cause tires to shred or even lead to a crash, though. For motorcyclists, the risk is even higher.

A motorcyclist who hits a pothole may not be able to correct the impact. They could end up in a motorcycle accident. Avoiding potholes is dangerous, too, as it can require someone to quickly move out of their lane to avoid it.

If you see potholes, the time to report them is now

When potholes are present, one of the best things you can do is to report it. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will come out to the area and fill the holes, so that you and your family members have less of a chance that you’ll be in a crash.

Why are potholes so dangerous for motorcyclists?

Potholes are dangerous for a few reasons. First, they’re dangerous in the sense that they can cause the rider to wreck when they hit the hole. Second, there is the risk of the rider or other drivers swerving to avoid the hole, which could result in a crash.

The sharp edges of a pothole could result in bending or fracturing wheel rims, and the steep edge can push tires sideways, causing the rider to lose control.

What can you do to be safe when potholes are present?

If you’re going to be traveling through Covington, Cincinnati, or heading north, potholes may still be present well into late spring and early summer, if not longer. Slow down and give yourself time to maneuver if you see one ahead of you.

You should also plan for alternative routes. Sometimes, highways are covered in potholes, and residential areas may be safer. Consider taking alternate routes if your current route has too much damage to the road.

These are a few things to know about potholes. They’re dangerous, but with good precautions, you can prevent a car accident and the resulting injuries.

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