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Birth Injury Lawyer in Cincinnati, OH and Covington, KY

It is highly likely that no medical professional would ever purposefully injure a mother or child, but unfortunately, errors can and do happen. Injuries can occur if adequate medical standards of care are not followed. They can occur at any stage of pregnancy, from your first ultrasound all the way through post-delivery. Medical malpractice, such as inexperience, a lack of attention, or other forms of negligence, is frequently the cause of such injuries.

You may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, medical costs, and other damages if you or your infant were injured during childbirth due to preventable injuries. At The Lawrence Firm, PSC, we are experienced in helping birth injury victims and their families recover the compensation they deserve for medical negligence. Birth injuries can alter the lives of victims and their families forever. Our skilled Kentucky and Ohio birth injury attorneys will help you assert your rights against the negligent medical and nursing professionals who contributed to these injuries.

What is a Birth Injury?

Any sort of damage to a newborn that occurs during or shortly after birth is referred to as a birth injury. Although some birth injuries are mild and have no long-term consequences, others can cause lifelong impairments that impede the child’s cognitive, emotional, and/or physical development. In many situations, doctors may avoid birth injuries by following a set standard of care, closely monitoring the mother’s and child’s health, and immediately resolving any suspected concerns that develop throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Medical malpractice occurs when a medical provider fails to accomplish these tasks and their carelessness leads to a preventable birth injury.

Childbirth Injuries

Many children who suffer birth injuries may never recover. Even those without obvious physical injuries may be left with seizures, behavioral problems, speech and language impairments, learning disabilities, developmental delays, cognitive impairments, or intellectual deficiencies.

Many children will never be able to walk, talk, or eat, and even the ones who can do those things may require the long-term care of their parents and other professionals to protect them from their own impulsiveness and the manipulation of others.

Causes of Birth Injury

There are several ways in which negligence may occur and result in a birth injury. Birth injuries can range from minor issues like lacerations or bruises to life-threatening complications like spinal cord or brain damage.

At The Lawrence Firm, we are experienced in all of the following types of birth injury claims:

What To Do After a Birth Injury

After a birth injury, new parents are naturally very distraught, confused, and oftentimes feel completely hopeless. Luckily, there are some simple steps that parents can take to ensure a viable birth injury claim.

To begin, parents must first assess the situation. It’s completely normal to panic when a baby is harmed during birth. Parents often place a high level of confidence in the doctors who deliver their children, and they frequently develop a strong bond with them as the pregnancy progresses. However, the best thing they can do for their baby during this trying time is to be calm. To prevent mistakenly assuming the blame for a scenario in which they are the victims, personal injury attorneys urge new parents to discontinue communicating with the delivery doctor and hospital.

Next, ensure your child has proper medical care. Things like quadriplegia, paralysis, shoulder dystocia, and cerebral palsy are all common ailments in newborns. These injuries should be identified right away, and the baby will almost certainly be taken to receive emergency care. However, some birth injuries that cause harm to the brain, nerves, and muscles may not be immediately apparent. If you notice that your newborn infant is having any problems, you should seek medical help right away.

Finally, after you have obtained the treatment you require from your healthcare practitioner, contact a birth injury attorney as soon as possible. If your child was injured at birth, it is imperative that you reach out to an attorney who is familiar with birth injury claims. Your lawyer can help you understand your legal alternatives and decide if you have a viable medical malpractice claim against your doctors. Above all, your attorney will make certain that your legal right to seek compensation for your childbirth injuries is preserved. 

How Long Do You Have to Sue for a Birth Injury in Ohio?

In Ohio, the statute of limitations for how long after a birth injury a plaintiff can file a claim is typically one year from the date of the injury. However, if the plaintiff provides proper notice of the impending lawsuit to the medical provider in question, they may be granted a 180-day extension. If the infant died as a result of the injuries, the statute increases to two years from the date of death.

How Long Do You Have to Sue for a Birth Injury in Kentucky?

Kentucky’s statute of limitations for birth injury claims also requires filing within one year from the date of the birth injury or the death of the child. If the injury is discovered after a year has passed, the claim must be filed within an additional three years. 

Why Do You Need a Birth Injury Attorney?

When your child experiences a birth injury, a qualified birth injury lawyer can assist you in asserting your legal rights and holding negligent parties responsible for the injuries suffered by your child. It is often very difficult for parents to tell if a doctor or other healthcare provider failed to follow the accepted standard of care and caused an avoidable birth injury. This determination typically necessitates an independent medical examination of the medical data in collaboration with a skilled Covington or Cincinnati birth injury lawyer who is familiar with these types of claims. Your attorney will assess the immediate and long-term needs of your child throughout your child’s lifetime (including medical and long-term care needs, attendant and respite care, pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment, etc.) and use these factors to calculate a fair amount of compensation.

At The Lawrence Firm, PSC, we understand the needs of these children and their families and work to recover the compensation they deserve. We are dedicated to helping families who have children with cerebral palsy and other birth injuries improve the quality of their own lives and the quality of life for the family unit as a whole. Our birth injury lawyers devote themselves to achieving compensation for victims’ families to ease the burden of caring for children with injuries that were caused by the negligence of others.

Our attorneys understand the devastation and hopelessness felt by families with birth-injured children. When we pursue a birth injury claim, we are not only seeking to recover compensation for the infant and their family, but we are seeking to recover compensation and medical care for the injured 70-year-old that the infant will someday become.

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A birth injury or death caused by negligent medical doctors and nurses is devastating. If your infant was disabled or fatally injured during childbirth, you need to ensure that you are able to pursue a successful legal claim against every doctor, hospital, or medical professional responsible for that injury or death. While most damages are granted to the child who has been harmed as a result of a birth accident, parents may be also eligible for compensation for their own mental anguish during this trying period.

If your child has suffered a birth injury, do not hesitate to contact our firm for a full investigation. We will obtain medical records, contact witnesses and consult with experts regarding your claim. For a free initial consultation regarding a birth injury, call 800-698-4054 or contact us online.

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