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Client Testimonials

“When asked if my family would be interested in writing a letter of recommendation for The Lawrence Firm, my answer was I would absolutely love to do just that. I have never dealt with sweeter more professional and hard working people. I have, and would recommend them to anyone. They fought long and hard but never gave up on our son. Thank you so much we sincerely love you all.”

 ~ Jesse, Kristi and our son Kyle

“The Lawrence Firm has been one of the best support and help in my family’s toughest situations. The Firm not only provided support for my case, but also provided support for my family outside the scope of the case. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of an advocate on behalf of your family.”

 ~ The Jason Gibson Family

“The Lawrence Firm represented us on a very complex medical malpractice case. From start to finish, they exhibited tremendous passion, integrity, legal competence and a thorough commitment to helping us reach a very favorable outcome. Having never been involved in any type of litigation, we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with the attorneys and staff of The Lawrence Firm.”

 ~ Peter & Lisa B.

“The Lawrence Firm is one of the best. During my experience with them they were professional, caring, understanding and very much like family. When going through the wrongful death of my husband, they were there for me. They were very supportive for my children and me during this horrible time. The depositions were handled with respect as were representation of myself at the Ohio Medical Board. Tom Korbee was my attorney with The Lawrence Firm and I can’t express in words how much I appreciate him and all those involved for the success of my case.”

 ~ Kathy Cromer

“There is nothing worse than a car accident that incapacitates you and halts your life. The Lawrence Firm helped me deal with insurance and guided me in my choices. I would not have been able to continue in my daily life without their help in handling medical paperwork requests and insurance filings. They were professional, courteous and got me the best settlement possible from my insurance.”

 ~ Sean Miles

“When our daughter came home from a 2 month stay in the hospital, my wife and I had a “parental instinct” that mistakes were made during her initial assessment that put her life in jeopardy and left her with life altering disabilities. After much conversation, we decided a more formal examination of her medical records was needed, if for nothing else, to verify the hospital staff followed the standard of care all patients should receive. We learned of The Lawrence Firm from an acquaintance who was familiar with their firm and their incredible dedication to their clients. My wife and I reached out to them and set up meeting at our house to discuss our concerns over our daughter’s care.


We immediately appreciated their professionalism, but more importantly, their level of understanding about how emotional and confused my wife and I were over our daughter’s new life that would be filled with continuing therapy, medical visits, surgeries and countless nights in the hospital. The Lawrence Firm listened to our concerns and asked the right questions in a way that we felt safe to answer openly. They outlined their process of investigation, explained how they would work with highly established experts in this area of medicine and come to a conclusion as to if any mistakes were made in our daughter’s care.


After their diligent research, it was evident to The Lawrence Firm that the hospital failed to meet the standard of care in some areas that caused life-altering handicaps to our daughter. With their years of experience fighting for patients’ rights against some of most renowned hospitals in the area, their preparation and execution brought a resolution to my family that will give my daughter the financial security she needs as she gets older and encounters new challenges and obstacles. Nothing can take away the pain and emotion of what our family went through, but knowing that we do not have to live in financial fear as my daughter grows up and hopefully becomes an independent, self-sufficient woman. The Lawrence Firm helped us through a very difficult time and I am convinced that no other firm in the area could rival their skills and passion for protecting patients and their rights. My wife and I know we made the right call getting them involved and are forever grateful that they listened to our story and proved our concerns were warranted.”

 ~ Mark Dardy

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