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How to know if you might have a birth injury claim

The entire basis of a medical malpractice case is to prove that a doctor or healthcare provider was negligent. Medical malpractice occurs when healthcare professionals cause harm because they do not give quality medical care during childbirth or make careless mistakes. If you think your child may have suffered an injury at birth, take note of your child’s physical, social, and emotional developmental milestones. An early diagnosis can help your

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Birth asphyxia may lead to long-term complications

Most mothers who prepare to give birth in Kentucky or Ohio share a similar goal: to deliver and go home with a healthy baby. Unfortunately, however, sometimes negligent medical errors and other factors cause birth injuries to mothers and babies. Birth asphyxia is a condition that may result when an infant fails to receive adequate levels of oxygen before, during, or after childbirth. Sometimes called perinatal asphyxia or neonatal asphyxia,

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Medical negligence after birth may lead to severe consequences

In 2018, CNBC reported that medical errors account for the third-largest amount of deaths, with only heart disease and cancer taking more lives. Furthermore, the news agency stated that, according to various studies, the number of individuals who perish from healthcare mistakes each year may range anywhere from 250,000 to 400,000. Medical negligence is a form of medical malpractice that…

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What should parents know about hypoxic and ischemic birth injuries?

When parents welcome a child into their family, they trust their doctors to provide that child with the best possible start. However, if doctors are negligent during labor and delivery, it can leave children with lifelong medical challenges. What are hypoxic and ischemic birth injuries? Hypoxia is a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, and ischemia is a lack of…

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Symptoms, types and effects of birth injuries

Medical professionals who treated you through pregnancy and at your child’s birth might have made negligent decisions that to lead to a birth injury. After going through the delivery process, you might be concerned about your baby’s health. Maybe there are physical symptoms you notice in your child or you went through a concerning amount of pain through childbirth. Understanding…

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Should I claim compensation for my child’s birth injury?

If you have a child who was injured at birth, this is likely to have been a traumatic experience for you as well as the rest of your family. You may still suffer psychologically from that experience today. If your child’s birth injury was serious, it’s possible that it will have implications for them for the rest of their life.…

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Failure to act during birth can lead to trauma for the baby

The birth of a baby should be joyous occasion for the parents, but this isn’t always how things happen. There are many factors that can change and make the labor and delivery a somber one. It’s imperative that everyone who is involved in the experience pays close attention to what’s going on with the mother and the baby. One of…

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Should my doctor give me a C-section?

Of all the medical errors that are made, perhaps the ones that cause the most grief are birth injuries. When an infant is injured during or just before birth, the baby’s life trajectory is often irretrievably altered. The might-have-beens that the parents — and later, the children — experience can be heartbreaking. Children who suffered birth injuries may never be…

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Fetal monitoring errors can cause birth injuries

Medical equipment is essential in ensuring the health of the mother and baby before and during labor. Fetal monitors play a huge part in maintaining knowledge about the health of the baby. Electronic fetal monitoring is a bedside device that provides graphic and numerical information on the heart rate of the baby, as well as maternal uterine activity. This must…

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Learning disabilities could be caused by birth injuries

Some children may develop a learning difficulty if they struggle to develop as quickly as expected. A learning difficulty is a broad term that covers a wide range of developmental difficulties in children. These can be temporary, or they may have an impact on the person for their entire lifetime. While developmental disabilities should never have to define a person…

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Delayed c-section during labor can increase risk of a bad outcome

Pregnancy and labor are unique for each woman who goes through them. Some women have terrible morning sickness and others never once throw up. Some women, even first-time mothers, have only a few contractions before the birth of their child, while others may have to struggle through many hours or even days of labor before the birth of their child.…

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