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Truck Accidents

Who is Responsible for a Commercial Truck Accident?

Although you may think that a truck driver would be liable for a truck accident, the accident may not be a direct result of their negligence. There is a chance that other parties could be at-fault for the accident, whether directly or indirectly. Truck accident liability falls on the negligent party that contributed to the accident and injuries.   Truck accident cases can be difficult to navigate on your own because

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Give Trucks Space on the Road This Winter

Winter roads call for extra attention by everyone on the road. Low vision conditions, icy windshields, and icy roads can quickly make a bad situation worse. While most drives are able to adjust for these new obstacles in the winter, they may overlook the safety measures they need to take around semi-trucks. Despite how large these vehicles are, hundreds of thousands of people get into accidents with them every year. One of

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NHTSA wants to require automatic braking on all tractor-trailers

The laws of physics are not on your side on the interstate highways that wind through and around Covington. When combined in a crash, the speed and weight of cars, SUVs and pick-ups do terrible damage to people and vehicles. The odds are stacked even higher against you in a commercial truck crash. An 18-wheeler in Kentucky can weigh up…

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3 tips that may help you avoid an accident with a truck

Many ways exist to avoid truck accidents, and the main one is to focus on defensive driving. Do not be an aggressive driver because if you wind up in an accident with an 18-wheel truck that weighs several tons, you likely will not come out unscathed. An accident involving a big-rig truck can lead to catastrophic injuries or even death.…

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Truck collision on Brent Spence Bridge has devastating outcome

Every collision involving a commercial truck has the potential to be catastrophic. When more than one truck is involved, the damage can be much more devastating.  Recently, for instance, two trucks collided on the Brent Spence Bridge. The result was chaos, an intense fire involving hazardous materials and multiple parties in danger of being hurt. The crash that started it all…

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Truck accidents: Deadly crash kills woman and child

Most Kentucky drivers have probably found themselves stuck in a traffic slowdown resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Most often, such a situation is frustrating and inconvenient, but eventually, drivers are able to pick up speed and carry on their way. However, sometimes, these sorts of traffic jams lead to additional car accidents or truck accidents, causing even more damage,…

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Truck accidents: 2 suffer critical injuries in crash

Interstates and highways across the state of Kentucky see high volumes of commercial traffic at nearly all hours of the day. Tractor-trailers are a very efficient way to transport goods and merchandise across the country, but these huge trucks can be extremely dangerous for those in smaller passenger vehicles. However, it’s not only the size of these vehicles that makes them dangerous.…

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Why should truckers check load securement?

Truckers have a responsibility to ensure that the cargo they’re hauling makes it the destination without any issues. Not only is this important from a business standpoint, it’s also critical from a safety standpoint. Load securement must be handled properly to ensure that cargo remains in place throughout the haul. When this isn’t done as it should be, serious issues…

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Make safe passes to avoid truck accidents

Interstates across the state of Kentucky are constantly bustling with travelers, and large tractor-trailers make up a large percentage of the overall traffic. Traveling at high speeds on a crowded interstate highway next to these massive trucks is enough to rattle even the most experienced drivers. Truck accidents need to be avoided at all costs. Trying to pass a tractor-trailer is something that can…

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Large truck crashes happen, and they can take lives

Busy highways are full of commercial vehicles these days, and that can be scary for those who are driving smaller passenger vehicles. Large trucks that cut off other drivers can cause serious side-impact collisions. Those that are going too fast to stop may end up causing severe rear-end crashes. Large truck crashes are a problem along the Ohio-Kentucky border, especially…

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Truck accidents: How to share the road with tractor-trailers

Tractor-trailers are often considered the backbone of the United States economy. These massive vehicles are used to transport goods and merchandise across the country. The many interstates that cross the state of Kentucky are heavily utilized by tractor-trailers. Without question, it can be daunting to travel at high speeds next to these behemoths. Here are a few tips on how to…

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Trailer manufacturers are helping to curb fatal truck accidents

Interstates and major highways across the state of Kentucky are heavily used by tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles. Drivers of smaller passenger vehicles need to be extra cautious when sharing roadways with these massive trucks. Many fatal truck accidents happen when smaller vehicles slide underneath the trailers  Fortunately, more trailer manufacturers are taking precautions to prevent these kind of accidents from happening. More…

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