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Tips for riding motorcycles through Ohio and Kentucky

Riding motorcycles can be practical because they can get you from one location to another quickly and efficiently. However, many people ride motorcycles as a recreational activity. While this is a great way to enjoy the weekend with friends, it can have many safety hazards. All motorcycle riders should take it as their personal responsibility to always aim to improve…

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Motorcycle accident avoidance: Prevent locking your front brake

Although the chances of getting into a fatal or injurious motorcycle crash are relatively slim on any given day, every motorcyclist knows that they are risking their lives when they get on a bike. For this reason, most motorcyclists know that learning new motorcycle safety tricks — and reviewing old ones — is vital for staying safe. One common cause…

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Avoid winter accidents with these motorcycling tips

With warm days every so often throughout the winter in Kentucly, it’s no surprise that you want to hop onto your motorcycle and ride. Riding in the winter has a unique set of dangers, some of which include poor weather conditions, like ice and snow. There are other risks, too, though. For instance, when you’re traveling on a snow-covered road,…

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Motorcycle accidents: Prevent the blind corner slipping hazards

If you ride your motorcycle along the same well-worn track every week in Covington, there’s less of a chance that you’ll get into an accident. For example, you probably know exactly what’s waiting for you around every blind corner. However, what if you approach an unfamiliar blind corner? How can you prevent accidents when you get surprised by what’s on…

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Fall months offer great sights for motorcyclists, stay aware

Many people think that motorcycles are only out during the warmer months of the year, but many motorcyclists enjoy seeing the fall and winter sights from the freedom of being on the back of the bike. All drivers must watch carefully for motorcycle riders to help keep everyone safe and avoid potential accidents. Drivers who are on the road must…

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Wearing the right helmet can make a difference

Now that you have your motorcycle, you’re ready to hit the road, feel the wind on your face, and experience total freedom. Or are you? Part of riding a motorcycle is acknowledging that you are now more at risk of a serious injury. This means that you have to make a few adjustments to better protect yourself. Hopping on your…

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Prevent motorcycle accidents caused by slippery turns

You’re riding your motorcycle on the usual path to work. You take a familiar corner, a speed you know your bike can handle, but there’s a patch of gravel that wasn’t there before. Suddenly, your bike is sliding out from under you, and you’re sliding across opposing lanes of traffic. This kind of accident happens to motorcyclists a lot. If…

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Lightning safety: Tips for a safe ride on your motorcycle

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to brush up on your motorcycle safety tips. One that you may not keep in mind is the risk of getting hit by lightning. Storms that pass through Kentucky and the Ohio Valley have the potential to have extreme winds and hundreds of lightning strikes. Each of the strikes hits something, whether…

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Summer riding: Motorcycle safety can help prevent injuries

The summer is approaching, and with summer comes motorcycle season. In both Ohio and Kentucky, the roads are relatively straight and easy to ride. This brings out seasoned riders and those just learning. One of the problems with being a motorcyclist is the risk of injury caused by other drivers. You know that there are dangerous drivers on the roads,…

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4 ways that motorcycle accidents happen

You get your first motorcycle. It’s a day you’ve dreamed of for a good 10 years, and you’re excited. You put on your gear, check the weather, and stand in the driveway looking at the bike. It’s then that it dawns on you just how little protection a bike has. It’s different when you’re facing the open road, not just…

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