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Injuries Caused By Malfunctioning Machines And Equipment

Have you suffered injuries caused by malfunctioning machines or household appliances? Severe injuries due to defective products are usually accompanied by severe pain and suffering, in addition to substantial medical expenses and in some cases, lost wages or possibly death. You may also have lost property due to defective products. Fire or water damage due to malfunctioning household appliances can be very costly to repair.

Manufacturers can be held accountable for defective products. You may be able to bring a claim against them for compensation of your losses.

At The Lawrence Firm, PSC, we bring decades of experience, a successful reputation and an aggressive, committed litigation approach to every case we take on. With offices in Covington and Cincinnati, we represent clients throughout northern Kentucky and southwest Ohio.

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Problems With Appliances, Machines

Household appliances used every day cause several injuries a year. For example, defective appliances such as heaters, coffee pots or blenders can cause fires or electrocutions, leading to burn injuries or even wrongful death.

Malfunctioning machines, such as drills, nail and staple guns, or steel cutting machines used in construction can also cause extensive personal injuries. So can human error in operating a machine or heavy equipment.

Sometimes there is a fundamental design flaw that was not caught in the design or manufacturing phase. It is possible that defective materials or processes were used in manufacture of the appliance or equipment. In some cases, the company might be aware of the potential problem and decided the risk of injury wasn’t too great to sell the defective product. For these kinds of injuries, we will aggressively pursue the manufacturer of defective appliances and machines to seek compensation for your injuries.

Focused On Your Recovery

We have experience working on products liability settlements if you want to be compensated for your losses as quickly as possible. However, if you are not willing to settle, we will go the extra mile to properly set your case up for a successful trial in court.

When we take your case, we are prepared to focus on everything necessary to succeed.

We have a nurse on staff, and will consult other medical professionals and experts when necessary. This offers a certain degree of medical expertise about injuries sustained due to defective appliances or malfunctioning machines and equipment that most firms are not in a position to offer. We also employ accident reconstruction experts and product liability specialists when necessary.

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