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3 reasons why motorcyclists are at risk this spring in Covington

You love the spring, and with the warmer weather, you are ready to get back on your motorcycle. Living in Covington, you know that you’re at a higher risk of getting into a crash just because of your proximity to a major city. The city is home to millions who have to pass through your area to go south or when they return from Kentucky visits.

Motorcycling in the spring is dangerous, but particularly so in Covington. Here are three reasons why you need to be cautious.

1. The highway isn’t in good shape

If you’ve been on Interstate 75 recently, it’s no secret that the roads need work. They get backed up more frequently due to accidents, and the trip between Covington and Cincinnati is nearly impossible at certain times of the day. For a motorcyclist, the damaged roads make riding extremely dangerous. Potholes big enough to make trucks weave out of the way dot the highway, making it a true hazard to everyone on the roads.

2. Traffic risks are high due to crashes and rush hours

Covington is only a few miles outside of Cincinnati, so it’s not a surprise that it is affected by the backed-up traffic caused by rush hours and collisions. Those who are tired of waiting for traffic on I-75 may take a bypass or travel through Covington, making even the residential areas more dangerous for riders. With so much traffic on the road. coupled with the damage to the highway making drivers focus on the ground rather than on what’s in front of them, the risk is high for motorcyclists getting into a crash. Stop-and-go traffic is always a risk, but when all lanes come to a stop regularly, it’s a hazard that you should avoid at all costs.

3. Poor weather conditions

There’s no question that the weather can change in an instant in Kentucky or southern Ohio. It’s not a surprise to have the weather hit 75 degrees one day and 34 the next. That’s why it’s so dangerous to be on a motorcycle this time of year. If you go out one day expecting an easy ride, it could be just hours between that sunny, calm day and a torrential downpour that turns to sleet. Understanding the weather is a must if you live in this area.

Focus on safety this spring. Avoid the highway when traffic is backed up, and keep track of the weather. With good preparation, you can stay safe.


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