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Fall months offer great sights for motorcyclists, stay aware

Many people think that motorcycles are only out during the warmer months of the year, but many motorcyclists enjoy seeing the fall and winter sights from the freedom of being on the back of the bike. All drivers must watch carefully for motorcycle riders to help keep everyone safe and avoid potential accidents.

Drivers who are on the road must make sure that they don’t overlook a motorcycle and violate the motorcyclist’s rights. Our Cincinnati and Covington personal injury lawyers at TLF are here to make some points to remember about motorcycles on the roads during the autumn months.

Falling leaves

Motorcyclists face hazards that are unique to these vehicles. One of the risks that occur during the fall months is falling leaves. These leaves might not cause any issues if they are dry, but moist leaves can turn slick. Motorcyclists who are on the road might slip and lose control. As far as dry leaves go, remember that these might mask potholes and other hazards that can be disastrous for people who are on two-wheeled vehicles.

Frosty surfaces

Frost on the ground is slippery. Even a small amount of frost can be enough to throw your motorcycle off balance. When the frost is uneven on the ground, it is difficult to ascertain how to navigate the roadways. On top of the dangers to your motorcycle, you are in danger of being hit by a vehicle that is slipping on the frosty surfaces.


Deer are much more active during the fall months. They might dart out of the woods or other areas to cross the roadway. You have probably seen what deer can do to cars, so think about what the devastation would be if a deer hit a person on a motorcycle. Staying alert is one of the best things that you can do to avoid these accidents.

Other drivers

Other drivers are a hazard for motorcyclists throughout the year. Around two-thirds of motorcycle accidents are the result of the non-motorcyclist not respecting the right of way that was rightfully the motorcycle’s. People on motorcycles are much more likely to be injured or die in an accident than people who are in other vehicles. This is particularly troubling because the rate of motorcycle crashes is increasing while the rate of other motor vehicle crashes has been on the decline.

Motorcyclists should be prepared to seek medical care if they are involved in a crash. When another driver is at fault, a civil claim for compensation might help them to recover some of the expenses that they incur due to the crash.


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