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Avoid winter accidents with these motorcycling tips

With warm days every so often throughout the winter in Kentucly, it’s no surprise that you want to hop onto your motorcycle and ride. Riding in the winter has a unique set of dangers, some of which include poor weather conditions, like ice and snow.

There are other risks, too, though. For instance, when you’re traveling on a snow-covered road, you probably don’t expect to see a motorcyclist. Unfortunately, that thinking is common in the winter, and that could cause you to end up in a winter accident.

How can you prevent a winter motorcycle accident?

Start by knowing the weather conditions. If it’s particularly icy or snowy, you might be better off waiting to ride. With only two tires, it’s easier for a motorcycle to go off the road due to slipping or sliding than it is for a larger vehicle.

If you still want to brave the roads, make sure you wear something that stands out. Drivers aren’t necessarily on the lookout for motorcyclists in the winter, because it’s cold and bleak. Motorcycling is associated with the summer months.

To help yourself stand out, wear bright colors, reflectors and use your lights. If you’re approaching an intersection or see drivers who want to pull out onto the road ahead, flash your lights, and wave or honk your horn at them. Making yourself visible is all about getting the driver’s attention. Failing to do that could mean that someone pulls out in front of you unexpectedly.

Finally, remember to stay warm. You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times, and if you’re cold, you’re not focused. By staying focused, making yourself visible and monitoring the weather conditions, you can help prevent crashes. Drivers have a responsibility to be safe, but you can take these steps to help them do so.


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