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3 safety tips for sharing the road with semitrucks

As a resident of Covington, you have probably found yourself driving too close for comfort around large commercial trucks. You may have even had a few close calls and been within inches of being side-swiped by an 18-wheeler. Sharing the road with large commercial vehicles such as semis, and even buses, is dangerous for smaller cars and trucks since these…

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The unique risks and challenges of riding a motorcycle

If you’ve never ridden on a motorcycle, then you have no idea about the unique risks and challenges faced by these motorists. Nothing compares to the direct experience of riding a motorcycle with the wind in your hair along a winding country road in Kentucky. This kind of experience will teach you two important things: (1) riding a motorcycle is…

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Motorcycle accidents and violating helmet laws

For many decades, Kentucky has carried and enforced helmet laws for motorcyclists, requiring those who choose to ride to wear head protection. While most people agree that motorcycle helmets are generally a good idea, not all who ride agree, and some motorcycle riders simply prefer not wearing a helmet. Is it really that big of a deal to ride without…

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Don’t wait to collect truck accident evidence

Commercial truck accidents are often very destructive, frightening experiences, leaving victims unsure what to do and worried that they may harm themselves further if they do the wrong things. If you’ve ever experienced a truck accident, or just seen one shut down a road or highway, then you understand just how difficult it is to think clearly and act wisely…

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Poor commercial truck maintenance can play a role in crashes

Massive commercial trucks are easily the most intimidating vehicles on the road. They are much taller, longer and even wider than typical passenger vehicles. The discrepancy in size leads to unequal levels of risk assumed by people in those vehicles in the event of a crash. The person in the truck is likely safer and protected by the size of…

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Be aware of dangers of autumn hayrides

Even though the mercury in the thermostat is a poor indicator, the onset of fall brings traditional autumn pastimes like bobbing for apples, wandering through corn mazes and picking the biggest pumpkin in the patch to carve your jack-o’-lantern. Those activities are fun for the young and the young of heart of all ages. But there is one popular fall…

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The horror of anesthesia awareness

The fear is palpable. You’re lying on the operating table unable to move a muscle or speak. Yet, you are aware of everything going on around you as the surgeon deftly cuts through skin, muscle, sinew and bone. The pain is excruciating, the trauma unimaginable. For most people, this is the point they awaken from a 3 a.m. nightmare, sweating…

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Motorcyclist risks: Open vehicles result in more injuries

Motorcyclists are in danger on the roads in the United States partially because they’re not as common as other vehicles. When you go out on your motorcycle, it’s likely that you may see one or two other motorcyclists, but you’ll see dozens of trucks and cars. The reality is that motorcycles just aren’t that common. The good news is that…

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Anesthetic errors can lead to serious consequences

Anesthesia is one of the most complicated parts of medicine. Dosages and mixtures have to be accurate and measured for each patient individually based on numerous factors. As a patient, you’re at your most vulnerable when you’re under anesthesia. Here are three common anesthesia errors and how you can help make sure your anesthesiologist doesn’t make them. 1. Dosage errors…

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Commercial truck drivers can make mistakes that endanger others

Any mistake made behind the wheel of a motor vehicle could prove injurious or even fatal. Regardless of whether the vehicle in question is a boat, a car or a motorcycle, there’s risk to the person driving the others in the vehicle and anyone else nearby. In cases where a mistake comes from a commercial driver, there is increased potential…

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Mistakes in administering medications can impact patient health

Modern medicine has created treatments for a host of conditions that people used to have to simply suffer from or die after they contracted. Everything from severe infections to cancers can respond with the right treatments. The availability of new and effective drugs can both improve people’s quality of life and extend their life expectancy. In some cases, it can…

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Motorcycles, semis and blind spots: A dangerous mix

Riding a motorcycle does come with an inherent amount of danger, but smart riders always look for ways to reduce the risk. They wear bright clothing so that others can see them. They wear proper helmets to protect them if they do get in an accident. They remain vigilant and practice defensive driving, looking for critical mistakes that could lead…

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