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Semitruck crashes: Determining liability

The start of a new year is a good time for drivers to brush up on some basic automotive safety tips. One huge consideration, especially for those who travel around semi-trucks, is to ensure they know some of the common causes of truck crashes with these large vehicles.

While it is easy to blame truckers for all big rig crashes, there are sometimes other causes. If you are involved in a crash with one of these vehicles, the cause of the 18-wheeler accident can impact whom you hold liable for the damages you suffered in the accident.

Actions of the trucker

Truckers can sometimes contribute to these crashes by driving in an unsafe manner. This can include driving while fatigued or distracted, being reckless, ignoring safety procedures, and rushing to meet strict delivery deadlines.

Trucking company policies sometimes cause the truckers to do things that put others at risk. Instead of doing this, these companies should empower big rig operators to do what is necessary to remain safe while on the road, even if they need to take a few hours in the middle of a shift to rest to combat fatigue.

Drivers other than the trucker

Other drivers on the road might do things that cause accidents. One of the most common is not giving semi-trucks the clearance they are due. These large vehicles have blind spots that span over multiple lanes and that extend beyond the back of the trailer. Driving in blind spots could be problematic since the trucker can’t see you.

Another problem is vehicles cutting in front of these rigs. A full, loaded semitrailer takes a considerable distance to stop, even in the clearest road conditions. The stopping distance extends more when the roads are wet or slick. Darting in front of an 18-wheeler could cause a crash that injures or kills innocent people.

When another driver is to blame, that driver might be named as a defendant. Since it is possible to name multiple defendants, you might name the other driver and the trucker, and others might be included as well.

Other causes

Other common causes of semi-truck crashes include improper maintenance and defective parts on the trucks. These factors would mean that you could possibly hold the manufacturer or service company accountable for your personal injury claim. Issues with load securement could also lead to accidents that might result in multiple entities being held liable.

It isn’t always easy to determine precisely what caused a truck accident. By conducting a complete investigation and reviewing all evidence, you can ensure that you are holding all liable parties accountable as defendants in your case.


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