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The unique risks and challenges of riding a motorcycle

If you’ve never ridden on a motorcycle, then you have no idea about the unique risks and challenges faced by these motorists. Nothing compares to the direct experience of riding a motorcycle with the wind in your hair along a winding country road in Kentucky.

This kind of experience will teach you two important things: (1) riding a motorcycle is one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll ever know and (2) you’re at all times at risk of dying when you get on a bike: Much of these risks relate to the many irresponsible and inattentive car drivers with whom you’re sharing the road.

Whether you’re a motorcyclist or not, a brief review of the unique challenges that motorcyclists face could help you prevent an injurious or fatal crash.

Visual recognition problems: Since motorcycles are far smaller than any other vehicle on the road, it’s easy for vehicle drivers to overlook them. Also, a motorcyclist is easily rendered invisible when he or she is riding behind or next to another, larger vehicle.

Roadway hazards and obstacles: What might seem like a minor problem for a larger vehicle could become a life-threatening hazard for the average motorcyclist. Oil slicks, gravel, ice patches, potholes, debris, puddles, uneven pavement, railroad tracks and other hazards can send a motorcyclist flying in a blink of an eye.

Speed wobble incidents: Like any wheeled vehicle traveling at a high speed, a motorcycle could become unstable. With a four-wheeled car, this instability doesn’t pose as much of a threat as it does for a motorcycle. This is why it’s essential for motorcyclists to keep both their rear and front tires in perfect alignment, and to check and test this alignment on a regular basis. Sometimes, the misalignments are the result of a manufacturing defect, which could lead to the liability of the motorcycle manufacturer.

A lack of riding experience: In many cases, motorcycle accidents are the direct result of an inexperienced motorcyclist. Many motorcycle enthusiasts are not “daily riders” and so they never acquire the level of experience required to avoid and prevent common motorcycle accident dangers. It’s important for all motorcyclists to attend regular riding safety and skills courses to build their abilities and experience to reduce the inherent danger associated with being on a bike.

If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, you may want to investigate the cause of the incident to determine if another party could be liable for the costs associated with your injuries and damages.


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