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Electronic logs seek to reduce exhaustion in commercial drivers

There are many rules and standards for commercial truck drivers that are more strict than those for the average driver on the road. Most states have lower blood alcohol content limits for commercial drivers than other adults. There are federal regulations, as well as state laws, that forbid commercial drivers from texting while working. There are even Hours of Service…

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4 critical facts about motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are synonymous with summer, freedom and the open road. They’re loved by people of all age groups, all across Kentucky. They really give you that feeling of exploring and experiencing the ride in a way you never can in a car. In short, riding a motorcycle is about far more than getting from Point A to Point B. It…

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Can a trucking company be blamed for an accident?

When a truck is involved in an accident with another vehicle, the consequences can be devastating. It is likely that serious injuries will occur since trucks have such a large potential to cause damage. However, liability in truck accidents is not often simple, and while the other vehicle or the truck could be blamed for causing the accident, it could…

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Electronic logging could reduce trucker exhaustion on the road

Getting behind the wheel while very tired can be quite dangerous. In fact, depending on how long it’s been since drivers have slept, exhaustion could impact their ability to drive as severely as an illegal amount of alcohol in their bloodstream. Most people already know the potential dangers of drunk driving, but those same people may not consider fatigued driving…

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The dangers of forceps delivery during the birthing process

Every obstetrician would prefer to see his or her patient give a natural birth as long as the natural birth happens safely. However, in some cases, the baby could become tangled up or trapped in the birth canal. A trapped baby and a delayed birth could endanger both the mother and child, and if a doctor becomes concerned, he or…

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Tragic nursing care outcome in Georgia highlights medical neglect

When loved ones suffer from dementia or have worsening symptoms as they age, family members can find themselves unable to provide adequate care. Many times, the adult children of the elderly are still working and may even have children in the home that demand care and attention. Other times, the needs of the aging family member simply require medical skills…

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Inadequate Communication in Health Care

Quality patient care in the hospital setting requires a team of health care providers, working together, to effectively diagnose and treat patients. Consider the team required to treat a surgical patient-care providers will include the surgeon, surgical assistants, anesthesiologist, nurses, and potentially many others if any problems arise. Patients are often “handed-off” from one provider to another, either due to…

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Signs of Infection & Sepsis: Commonly Misdiagnosed and Unnecessarily Fatal

Sepsis, a complication of infection that can be life-threatening if not treated properly, is one of the most commonly misdiagnosed conditions among patients in the U.S. and is the leading cause of death in U.S. hospitals.1 Most often, sepsis occurs within the hospital setting and is a medical emergency. Without timely treatment, sepsis can rapidly progress to septic shock. Older patients,…

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3 facts about uterine ruptures expecting parents should know

Uterine ruptures are emergency situations that put a woman’s life, and the life of her unborn child, in danger. There are signs of uterine ruptures that your doctor should recognize right away. Other symptoms are those you can recognize at home, which signals that the mother needs immediately medical care. 1. There are signs of uterine ruptures that require emergency…

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What should I know about Kentucky medical malpractice claims?

Dealing with improper medical care is something that comes with some level of emotional and physical impacts. The simple knowledge that you are suffering physically because of choices your doctor made regarding your care is stressful. At some point, you might decide to seek compensation to help you deal with the monetary aspects of the medical malpractice. It is important…

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