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Poor commercial truck maintenance can play a role in crashes

Massive commercial trucks are easily the most intimidating vehicles on the road. They are much taller, longer and even wider than typical passenger vehicles. The discrepancy in size leads to unequal levels of risk assumed by people in those vehicles in the event of a crash. The person in the truck is likely safer and protected by the size of the vehicle, while the passenger vehicle occupants are more likely to suffer severe or even fatal injuries.

You would think that this degree of risk would incentivize commercial truck drivers and companies to ensure that all of their vehicles are properly maintained. Sadly, many times profit comes before safety for companies operating in the commercial transportation world. That inattention to maintenance could end up causing accidents or making an accident worse for the people in the smaller vehicle. In this post, we’ll talk about the importance of proper truck maintenance in preventing accidents.

Commercial trucks need excellent brake maintenance

The massive size and weight of commercial trucks means they build up more momentum than passenger vehicles. This is particularly true when driving at high speeds for long periods of time. When it comes time to slow down or stop, a commercial truck will need more time and a greater amount of space to come to a complete stop.

If the brakes in the truck do not receive adequate maintenance between trips, they could fail at a critical moment. This could result in a tragic accident that would otherwise have been preventable if the truck were adequately maintained.

Rust spots and poorly maintained guards endanger the public as well

Rusty old commercial trucks are not just an eyesore on the road. They are also a danger to everyone else. Rust on any vehicle can compromise its structural integrity. Rust on a commercial vehicle may mean that critical safety features do not operate as they should.

The rear underride guard on a commercial truck is a perfect example. These metal guards are necessary under federal law to protect people in passenger vehicles. The height of commercial trucks makes it all too easy for smaller vehicles to wind up crushed underneath the cab or trailer of a commercial truck. The metal rear underride guard is intended to prevent a passenger vehicle from slipping under the rear tires or the trailer of a commercial truck in the event that it gets rear-ended by a passenger vehicle.

Rust on the guard or at its point of connection with the vehicle could mean that it fails to do its job. Underride collisions often cause catastrophic damage to vehicles, including completely crushing them or sheering the top of the vehicle off. Passengers in those vehicles often wind up dead.

Commercial trucking companies have an obligation to the public to maintain their vehicles in a manner that is safe for everyone. When they fail to do so, other people may end up paying the price. If someone gets hurt or killed by a poorly maintained commercial truck, the victim or their surviving family members may have the right to seek compensation for the damages associated with the commercial truck accident. After all, their negligence directly contributed to the severity of the accident.


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