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March 2018 Archives

Woman finds needle in spine and files medical malpractice suit

Even though the primary role of all health care providers should be the health and safety of patients, patient safety may not be the top priority for some doctors and nurses in Kentucky. Health care workers these days are often understaffed and in a rush to see more patients. This can lead to mistakes and medical malpractice. A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after a needle was found lodged in her spine.

Tips for riding motorcycles through Ohio and Kentucky

Riding motorcycles can be practical because they can get you from one location to another quickly and efficiently. However, many people ride motorcycles as a recreational activity. While this is a great way to enjoy the weekend with friends, it can have many safety hazards. All motorcycle riders should take it as their personal responsibility to always aim to improve their safety and skills.

Medical malpractice during birth leaves child disfigured

One of the most joyful experiences in the lives of Kentucky parents is the birth of their child. However, this joyous moment can quickly turn to tragedy and despair when medical malpractice during birth and delivery leaves an infant with permanent injuries. Childbirth is a very delicate procedure that must always be handled with care. Recently, a lawsuit was filed in another state after alleged malpractice during birth left a newborn baby with head injuries.

Medical malpractice lawsuit ends in $24 million award to mother

Mothers in Kentucky know that childbirth can be a very stressful experience, not only for the infants but also for mothers. Any errors made during this delicate time can have lifelong ramifications. A woman in another state was recently awarded over $24 million after medical malpractice caused her to lose both kidneys during childbirth.

Despite federal law, some commercial truck drivers still text

When drivers takes their eyes off the road to send or read a text, they travel dozens of feet or more before looking back up again. At 55 miles per hour, a vehicle could travel the length of a football field in five seconds. This kind of behavior puts other people at risk on the road. 

Husband sues after losing wife due to alleged medical malpractice

When patients across the country undergo surgical procedures, they place their lives in the hands of surgeons and physicians. Patients trust that these medical professionals will perform their duties to the best of their abilities and provide an acceptable level of care. Although the majority of doctors and nurses in the state of Kentucky are experienced and qualified professionals, negligence and medical malpractice continues to happen. A man in another state lost his wife due to alleged negligence by a doctor and he has filed a lawsuit.

Medical malpractice suit says misdiagnosis caused woman's death

Unfortunately, even in this day and time, negligence continues to happen at an alarming rate in the field of health care. Things such as a simple misdiagnosis can have major ramifications for the patient. If a doctor fails to make the correct diagnosis, the patient can miss out on possible life-saving treatment. Although Kentucky residents have access to wonderful medical care, they are not exempt from these types of errors. A woman in another state died after an alleged misdiagnosis, and her estate recently filed a medical malpractice claim.

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