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Medical malpractice suit says misdiagnosis caused woman’s death

Unfortunately, even in this day and time, negligence continues to happen at an alarming rate in the field of health care. Things such as a simple misdiagnosis can have major ramifications for the patient. If a doctor fails to make the correct diagnosis, the patient can miss out on possible life-saving treatment. Although Kentucky residents have access to wonderful medical care, they are not exempt from these types of errors. A woman in another state died after an alleged misdiagnosis, and her estate recently filed a medical malpractice claim.

The woman, a gallbladder and breast cancer survivor, allegedly suffered a fall in her home and was taken to her local hospital for treatment. Reportedly, the woman had severe pain in her abdomen. Tests showed that the woman had gastrointestinal bleeding, and she was transferred to a medical facility specializing in gastrointestinal care, the lawsuit claims.

As the woman arrived at the medical facility, it’s claimed that her doctor, the defendant in the suit, diagnosed her with obstructive jaundice and scheduled her for further testing later in the day. Allegedly, the woman’s condition quickly deteriorated and she lost a great amount of blood. Due to the blood loss, the woman suffered cardiac arrest and died, the plaintiffs claim. It’s asserted that the defendant’s misdiagnosis delayed the needed treatment and led to the woman’s death, as she was never checked for abdominal bleeding. The plaintiffs are seeking damages in excess of $15,000.

When it comes to medical care, even minor mistakes can have fatal consequences for the patient. Kentucky families that have suffered the loss of a loved one as result of medical malpractice can take legal action. A successful lawsuit could provide families with compensation to help with mental and emotional distress, as well as end-of-life expenses.

Source:, “GI doctor, practice hit with malpractice claim“, Champe Barton, Feb. 22, 2018


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