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Husband sues after losing wife due to alleged medical malpractice

When patients across the country undergo surgical procedures, they place their lives in the hands of surgeons and physicians. Patients trust that these medical professionals will perform their duties to the best of their abilities and provide an acceptable level of care. Although the majority of doctors and nurses in the state of Kentucky are experienced and qualified professionals, negligence and medical malpractice continues to happen. A man in another state lost his wife due to alleged negligence by a doctor and he has filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit asserts that the plaintiff’s wife underwent major spinal surgery and experienced pain afterwards from a catheter. According to the suit, the plaintiff’s wife was seen by the defendant who ordered the catheter be removed for a short time, but the catheter was re-inserted the next day. About a month later, the woman visited the defendant again, and this time the defendant prescribed medication for a urinary tract infection, allegedly. The plaintiff claims his wife was found unconscious in her room three days later, was rushed to a local hospital and remained unconscious there for five days.

Allegedly, at the hospital, it was discovered that her catheter was contaminated and that caused her to go into septic shock. The suit claims that, after undergoing rehabilitation for many weeks, the woman was able to return home only to revisit the hospital a few weeks later with the same symptoms. During the second visit, she suffered respiratory failure and died. The suit claims that the defendant failed to respond in a timely matter to the alleged infection and did not follow up on evaluations.

The plaintiff in this lawsuit is seeking over $350,000 in damages for the death of his wife. In Kentucky, when loved ones are lost as a result of medical malpractice, the remaining family members may have the option to pursue legal action. A successful lawsuit could result in a substantial monetary award to help the family with expenses accrued as a result of this traumatic experience.

Source:, “Beaufort County doctor sued for malpractice“, Michael Olinger, March 1, 2018


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