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Motorcyclists must be treated with respect on the roads

Motorcyclists must be treated with respect on the roads

Motorcyclists must be careful anytime they venture out on the roadways. There are many things that can go wrong over the course of a ride that can lead to serious problems. While motorcyclists can reduce the risk of many of these occurring, drivers also have to do their part.

Despite the negative perception of motorcyclists that comes from movies and television shows that portray people who ride motorcycles as law breakers, the truth is that the vast majority of motorcyclists are safe riders who follow the laws. When you take a look at accidents that involve a motorcycle and another vehicle, you’ll see that around two-thirds of the wrecks are due to the other driver not yielding the motorcycle rider the right of way they are due.

Dangers for motorcyclists

Intersections are a particular danger for motorcyclists because there is a chance that obstacles around the roadway will impede the motorist’s line of sight. This could cause a serious crash if the driver doesn’t see the motorcyclist. Around 70% of crashes that involve motorcycles and another vehicle occur at intersections.

When a motorcycle rider is struck by a vehicle, they are five times more likely to suffer injuries and 26 times more likely to die than the occupant of a vehicle. This highlights the importance of all drivers on the roads taking the time to ensure they are watching out for motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists must also be careful to watch out for things like potholes and debris in the roadway. Hazards, even those that seem insignificant like grass clippings, can cause the motorcyclist to lose control and have an accident.

When a crash occurs

Because motorcyclists don’t have protections against injuries, there is a good chance that they’ll be hurt in a crash. This can be something as minor as scrapes, but it can also include things like head or spinal cord damage. They will usually need a medical evaluation to determine the extent of the injuries.

The monetary damages they face can be considerable. Many may opt to pursue a claim for compensation so they aren’t left shouldering the financial burden. Determining the cause of the motorcycle accident can help them name a defendant because they need to name all liable parties to maximize their chance of recovering as much as possible.

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