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Trucking trauma: Avoiding a semicrash in the winter

Ohio and Kentucky are both prone to winter storms, and with those storms come a risk of traffic accidents. When the weather warms and cools above and below freezing, it’s not uncommon to drive on wet roads during the day and frozen roads covered with sheets of ice at night.

The problem with this is that many drivers aren’t familiar with how to drive in these conditions. This leads to people slowing down significantly when there’s no need, while others hit their brakes so often they’re likely to cause a crash.

One of the major concerns, especially on the highways between Cincinnati, Louisville and Lexington, is that it’s a high-traffic area. Covington falls in the middle, and it’s not unusual to see traffic backed up for miles as people try to cross the Ohio-Kentucky border.

Many of the vehicles passing through the area are semitrucks. These drivers generally have good training, but if they’re not familiar with driving in the north, they may be unfamiliar with driving in ice and snow. Big rigs have the potential to slide, jackknife and hit other vehicles, so understanding varied weather conditions is necessary.

How can truck drivers help avoid crashes?

Particularly along Interstate 75, drivers should always keep a safe distance between themselves and others. It’s usually a good idea to stay in the same lane and to change lanes early before reaching Cincinnati.

When sleet is falling or snow fall becomes heavy, it’s necessary for drivers to pull over or slow down. Traffic comes to a stop frequently on this highway, so all drivers should become aware that it’s a possibility and slow down. Traffic jams happen more frequently with accidents, and with at least one major bridge to cross, there’s always a risk of frozen roads leading to a crash.

Most traffic crashes are avoidable with the right precautions. Stay a safe distance from other drivers to help prevent collisions.


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