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Truck accidents: How to share the road with tractor-trailers

How to share the road with tractor-trailers

Tractor-trailers are often considered the backbone of the United States economy. These massive vehicles are used to transport goods and merchandise across the country. The many interstates that cross the state of Kentucky are heavily utilized by tractor-trailers. Without question, it can be daunting to travel at high speeds next to these behemoths. Here are a few tips on how to safely share the road with tractor-trailers and prevent truck accidents.

Be aware that tractor-trailers have huge blind spots. A good rule of thumb for drivers to keep in mind is that, if they cannot see the truck driver’s mirrors, the truck driver cannot see them. Try to avoid driving in these blind spots.

Give tractor-trailers plenty of room. Due to their massive size, tractor-trailers require extra space to maneuver and more time to stop than other vehicles. Always drive in a predictable manner with no sudden movements. Avoid weaving in and out of lanes, and always use turn signals.

It should go without saying, but never use a cell phone behind the wheel. Distracted driving is dangerous and it can be even more hazardous when sharing the road with tractor-trailers. Remember that every driver on the road needs to reach his or her destination safely.

Although most truck drivers have years of training and driving experience, they are not immune to mistakes. Those in Kentucky who have suffered injuries or the loss of loved ones in truck accidents could benefit by consulting a legal representative. Damages from a successfully litigated claim could replace lost wages and help victims and families pay medical expenses.


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