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January 2017 Archives

Medical malpractice: Many doctors evade responsibility for errors

Many medical patients in Kentucky and throughout the nation have suffered catastrophic, if not fatal injuries due to doctor error and other types of medical negligence. Does a doctor's refusal to admit his mistakes or offer an apology constitute medical malpractice? While those actions alone are typically not grounds for a lawsuit, it certainly would be seen as poor ethics by most people.

Who is at fault when brakes fail?

The brakes on your car or truck are something that you generally don't think about until they don't work. Catastrophic failure of brakes and braking systems can lead to severe injuries or even death. Have you checked the wear on your brakes lately?

Products liability concern apparently growing inside child's toy

Kentucky parents of infants are often diligent and cautious in their efforts to provide appropriate toys for their children. Especially during the teething phase of infancy, moms and dads may search for various types of products recommended to help ease gum discomfort and promote healthy tooth growth. A parent in another state, who also happens to be a pediatric dentist, recently became alarmed when she saw potential grounds for a products liability lawsuit inside her daughter's teething toy.

Radiological error could lead to a bad medical diagnosis

When determining a medical diagnosis, doctors and nurses rely on radiology to get a better look inside the body. Standard procedures such as x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, PET scans and MRIs all fall under the umbrella of radiology. Although these procedures are highly prevalent in the medical field, could they be unreliable?

Helpful information for those recovering after truck accidents

Tractor-trailers are massive pieces of machinery that are often seen speeding up and down Kentucky highways. It's not a secret that driver fatigue, impaired driving and negligence often cause truck accidents that result in serious injury to those involved. Sadly, many people do not survive the impacts of such horrendous collisions.

Overcorrecting is the top cause of car accidents in Kentucky

Kentucky is a state that experiences four seasons. As residents of northern Kentucky, we are particularly prone to the elements compared to the rest of the state. Although we have a variety of weather conditions throughout the year, our driving ability may not match our various forecasts.

Family accuses hospital of medical malpractice

Kentucky parents can obviously relate to various mishaps that occur when children are between ages 12 and 24 months. From falls to putting things in their mouths that do not belong there, toddlers keep most parents on the alert. A mother in another state took immediate action when her 19-month old daughter accidentally swallowed a coin-shaped battery. However, the situation that unfolded at the hospital afterward has led to a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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