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What Are Never Events
Hospital Errors

What Are Never Events?

‘Never Events‘ refers to shocking and unacceptable medical errors that should not occur under any circumstances. These Never Events encompass a broad range of incidents, including surgery performed on the wrong patient, medication errors, and the retention of a foreign object in a patient’s body post-surgery.   At TLF: The Medical Injury Law Firm, we recognize the profound importance of understanding Never Events, not only in regard to patient safety and

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Never Events
Medication Errors

What are ‘Never Events’? Why they should NEVER occur

When you raise kids, you have “rules,” and then you have “RULES.” I know that when my kids were little, we made them share, pick up their toys, eat what was on their plate, etc., and if they failed to do it, we would give them a gentle reminder. Occasionally, though, they would do something really bad–like try to escape from us in a parking lot and they would get

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