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November 2011 Archives

Medical malpractice could change with Ohio Personhood Initiative

When a doctor negligently fails to do what it takes to preserve someone's wellness, it is considered medical malpractice. However, when saving the life of a mother means the destruction of her fertilized egg, which life is more important? That being said, is a fertilized egg a person? Indeed, these are hotly debated questions, and they could affect Ohio medical malpractice law.

Failure to diagnose Ohio woman's breast cancer nearly fatal

Even with the tremendous advances of medical technology in recent decades, health care professionals continue to misdiagnose patients. Sometimes, these mistakes may be understandable as the body is a complex instrument and symptoms may indicate any number of possible illnesses. Nevertheless, a failure to diagnose cancer is a profoundly serious mistake that may be indicative of negligence on the part of the doctor and others. Unfortunately, one Ohio woman learned this first-hand.

Nursing errors may lead to homicide charges in Ohio case

Many Ohio residents have been watching the news concerning nursing errors that led to the death of young girl. Ohio police state, "one or more individuals were involved". The statement comes from the Dayton police homicide unit. The homicide sergeant went on to say that the police were working with prosecutors on appropriate criminal charges. The nursing errors that led to the girl's death have shocked many Ohioans.

Ohio doctor suspected of overmedication closes his clinic

In Montgomery County, Ohio approximately 40 people have reportedly died in suspected overmedication-related deaths in 2011, a death rate that doubles that of other urban Ohio counties. State authorities are cracking down. And if authorities are correct, a Dayton doctor could be staring at the wrong end of several medical malpractice lawsuits brought by families who have lost a loved one to his medical negligence as well as by some patients suffering injuries from overmedication.

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