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Products liability and the holidays

It is the time of year for giving gifts. Millions of people in Kentucky and throughout the nation have already begun celebrating the 2016 holiday season. Sadly, many will have their festivities cut short when injuries occur upon using new gadgets, devices, toys and other products. Seeking clarification of products liability laws is a first logical step to take if a problem arises during the holidays.

Last year, many children and adults suffered severe burns and other bodily injuries after using hoverboards, a hot trend item of the 2015 Christmas season. Although it remains to be seen what this year’s hot ticket items will be, chances are there may be defective or harmful products among them. A person injured during normal use of a product sold in stores may seek financial accountability against any and all parties deemed responsible.

This often includes manufacturers, sales distributors or others who knowingly placed defective products into the hands of consumers. Imagine the horror a parent would experience when after giving a long-awaited toy for Christmas, his or her child suffers serious injury upon playing with it. A parent facing such circumstances may feel overwhelmed and wonder where to turn for support.

The Lawrence Firm, PSC has helped many products liability clients throughout Kentucky. From failed construction equipment to dangerous drugs, malfunctioning medical devices or inadequately labeled food products, we are committed to aggressively representing those injured by substandard products. By seeking monetary judgment against anyone deemed responsible, you may be able to offset expenses associated with your injury and get the help you need to achieve a full recovery.


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