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Products liability issue may affect The Home Depot shoppers

Kentucky consumers might assume that a product on the shelves of a big corporation would be properly tested. However, an outlet converter sold at The Home Depot through its stores across the country and online was recently recalled due to possible shock and fire hazards. Those consumers who have purchased this product will want to pay close attention to this products liability case as it unfolds in the following months.

Ningbo Litesun electric, the product’s manufacturer, recalled the product due to alleged incorrect construction. The specific model of the outlet converter is LA-05, and it was on the shelves of The Home Depot from February to July of 2017 for approximately five dollars. This converter gave the consumer the ability to change one outlet into three. Shock and fire hazards reportedly are possible when the electric current surges in the wrong direction.

Consumers are urged to discontinue any use of this product and contact The Home Depot corporation for a full refund. They can contact the company by calling its toll-free number or visiting its website. As of this time, one case has been reported, alleging a consumer was shocked while a converter was in use. It is possible more injuries may have occurred that have not yet been reported.

As with all products liability cases, any manufacturer, distributor or other party within the distribution chain may be held legally accountable for knowingly placing a defective product into the hands of consumers. The burden of proof lies solely on the plaintiff in such cases, and an experienced attorney’s guidance would surely be a great asset to have on hand. A lawyer may be able secure third-party testimony to help substantiate a products liability claim in Kentucky courts. Such testimony often increases the chances of obtaining compensation for any damages that may have occurred.

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