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Truck accidents often occur in precarious places

Some places seem to be more dangerous to drive in than others. For instance, motorists in heavy traffic, traveling at highway speeds are often at risk for sudden collisions. Truck accidents are frequent in Kentucky, with some happening in unlikely places, as made evident by a recent crash near SomerSplash Waterpark.

The terrible accident took place when a truck driver was making his way across a set of railroad tracks. Before he successfully made it to the other side, a train slammed into his vehicle. Some would call it miraculous the man survived. As one would imagine, however, he suffered very severe injuries upon impact.

The 40-year-old man had to be flown to the University of Kentucky Medical Center for emergency care. A later update listed him in serious condition. Since it was not immediately apparent how the accident had come to be, the local sheriff’s office launched a full investigation.

As is common when all the details of truck accidents are not known, steps were taken to try to reconstruct the events. No conclusive information has yet been provided to the public. Kentucky attorneys often receive calls in the aftermaths of serious motor vehicle accidents. Many times, the person calling seeks information regarding how to file an injury claim against a party deemed responsible for a particular incident. An experienced attorney can guide a recovering victim through the whole process, beginning with helping to identify any and all possible sources of liability after reviewing the details of the case.

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