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Picking up the pieces after Kentucky truck accidents

Traveling down a Kentucky highway as massive tractor-trailers fly by can be a very disconcerting experience, to say the least. A motorist never knows when one of these massive machines will suddenly appear too close for comfort. Truck accidents happen daily and often result in catastrophic injuries if not death.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t safe truck drivers out there; surely, there are. However, many truckers suffer extreme fatigue from long hours on the road, which lessens their awareness and increases their reaction time when problems arise. Data shows many truck operators are acting under the influence of controlled substances, as well.

All these components put together are recipes for disaster. If you or your child were injured in a collision caused by a truck driver, you have likely endured multiple medical visits and perhaps physical therapy sessions, too. Such care is expensive, and if you have been without income due to an inability to work because of your injuries, you might be worried about the financial strain the situation has placed on your family.

The Lawrence Firm, PSC, has successfully represented many clients in Kentucky in seeking monetary judgment against negligent motorists after truck accidents occurred. We are prepared to review your case to help you determine the maximum compensation to which you may be entitled for the losses you have suffered. If needed, we are often able to enlist third-party testimonies to help substantiate a particular claim. To begin the process of filing a claim, contact our Covington personal injury attorneys to schedule a consultation today.


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