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Medical malpractice: Woman dies after kidneys mistakenly removed

When it comes to medical care, an incorrect or misdiagnosis can be deadly for patients in Kentucky. A woman in another state filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after her doctors allegedly misdiagnosed cancer and removed her healthy kidneys. According to reports, the woman recently passed away and the lawsuit may now be considered a wrongful death claim.

About a year ago, doctors removed both of her kidneys under the suspicion that the woman had kidney cancer, the lawsuit said. Allegedly, the woman’s kidneys were taken out despite tests conducted prior to the surgery that showed no evidence of cancer. According to claims, doctors confirmed that the woman did not have kidney cancer after her kidneys were already removed. The woman said she was forced to undergo dialysis treatment three times a week as a result of the alleged negligence.

Reportedly, the woman recently suffered cardiac arrest, regaining consciousness only moments before she died. Her family claims that her death was the direct result of having her kidneys wrongfully removed. Apparently, the woman’s potassium levels were two times the normal level at the time of her death. The woman was unable to filter toxins from her blood due to the absence of kidneys, her family claims.

This situation is just an example of how negligent care can drastically affect the lives of victims and families. There are options available for Kentucky families who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to medical malpractice. By filing a lawsuit, families could obtain much-needed compensation as well as a sense of justice.


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