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Avoid truck accidents by practicing safe driving habits

Tractor-trailers are huge vehicles, so any crash involving one of these big rigs is likely to cause tremendous damage. Large commercial vehicles frequently share crowded roadways with passenger vehicles. The drivers of commercial vehicles are required to obtain special licensing and undergo hours of training. However, this does not make them immune from mistakes. Kentucky drivers can avoid truck accidents by following these helpful tips.

Due to their large size, tractor-trailers have blind spots where drivers are unable to see other vehicles. These spots are on both sides of the trucks, as well as directly behind and in front of the truck. It is helpful to be aware of these blinds spots and spend as little time in them as possible. When attempting to pass, car drivers should not linger, and make sure they always signal and pass the truck as quickly and safely as possible.

Other drivers should also give these big rigs space and avoid driving directly along side trucks for extended periods of time. Tractor-trailers make wide right turns, so drivers should always give them room when making turns. Following too closely is also very dangerous. If the truck comes to a sudden stop, smaller vehicles can slide underneath the trailers. Due to their massive size, tractor-trailers take longer to stop, so other drivers should give them plenty of room and avoid cutting them off.

Operating a motor vehicle requires constant focus and attention, especially when sharing roadways with large trucks. Those in Kentucky who suffer injuries or losses in truck accidents may want to consider consulting a legal representative. If negligence is proved, a successful lawsuit could end in a substantial monetary award to help victims and families recover from this tragic experience.


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