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Medical malpractice in nursing homes can be deadly

As loved ones age, they can be stripped of their independence and may be unable to safely live by themselves. Long-term care facilities, better known as nursing homes, were created to provide around-the-clock care for those who are unable to live alone. Without question, deciding to place a loved one in a nursing home is a very difficult decision for Kentucky families. Tragically, it is not uncommon for elderly patients to be subjected to medical malpractice in these facilities.

A man in another state filed a lawsuit after his father died, allegedly due to negligent care in a nursing home. According to the lawsuit, the father was placed in the facility in March and by June he was dead. The lawsuit asserts that the man developed a urinary tract infection and a kidney injury while at the facility.

Allegedly, the man also suffered catheter-related hypospadias as a result of the negligence of care providers at the facility. The lawsuit claims that these preventable ailments caused the man to eventually die. The plaintiff seeks all just relief plus court costs and fees.

The majority of nursing homes in the state of Kentucky are wonderful facilities that provide great care for patients. However, negligent care can quickly result in the death of vulnerable patients. Families who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to any type of medical malpractice may benefit from discussions with an experienced attorney. A lawsuit, if successful, could result in much-needed compensation to help families recover any monetary losses that may have occurred due to this painful experience.


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