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Woman loses her leg due to alleged medical malpractice

When Kentucky residents seek medical care, they do so with the intent that their doctor or medical provider will treat them with an acceptable standard of care. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Doctors are human, and humans make mistakes. A woman in another state filed a claim after she allegedly lost her leg as a result of medical malpractice.

According to the lawsuit, the woman injured her left foot and sought treatment at an orthopedic fracture clinic. She said she was diagnosed with a sprain and scheduled an appointment to come back a month later. Upon returning, the lawsuit said an MRI revealed the woman had fracture her foot and she was sent home in a cast. Over a month later, the woman said she visited an urgent care clinic with a skin ulcer, and her physician suspected that she may have a bone infection and prescribed antibiotics.

She returned to the orthopedic clinic for an exam two weeks later but the clinic allegedly did not diagnose her with an infection and did not prescribe more antibiotics. After a few weeks, the lawsuit said her ulcer had not healed so she went back to the clinic and was transferred to a hospital where she was diagnosed with a bone infection. According to the lawsuit, the woman’s leg was amputated a few days later. The plaintiff claims her leg would’ve been saved had she received the appropriate treatment.

Any error made during medical treatment can leave a patient with a lifetime of pain and suffering. When someone in Kentucky suffers injuries due to medical malpractice, he or she can take legal action. By seeking the services of an attorney and filing a claim, victims may be able to achieve rightful compensation and a sense of justice.


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