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Veteran settles medical malpractice lawsuit for $550,000

Veterans in Kentucky and across the country are eligible for benefits, including health care in specialized medical facilities. Unfortunately, Veterans Affairs facilities have had a lot of recent negative press and have been accused of providing inadequate care. One veteran in another state recently settled his medical malpractice lawsuit with one hospital for over $500,000 for the negligent care he received over a period of four years.

The man, who is now 68 years old, sought emergency treatment at a VA hospital due to tightness in his chest. Due to suspicion that he might have heart disease, physicians ordered an additional test that was performed outside of the hospital three weeks following his visits. The man had the test completed, but alleges that he never was told the results. According to records, the test indicated that he was suffering from heart failure.

Not knowing he had heart failure, the man continued on with life and no treatment for his condition. Approximately three years later, he reported severe chest pain and again sought emergent care at a VA hospital. At that visit, he claims it was the first time that he was informed that he had heart failure. Understandably, he was upset with the negligent care, and physicians were concerned that years without treatment would prevent any substantial benefit of current treatment.

Although the man’s medical malpractice lawsuit never made it to civil court as planned, the VA settled for $550,000. Settlements and monetary judgments by civil court juries will not reverse the damage of negligent care, but may assist victims to seek the needed medical care without financial stress. Kentucky residents who suspect they are victims of negligent care could benefit from speaking with medical malpractice attorneys regarding legal options to pursue recovery of monetary damages sustained.

Source: Fox News, “VA to pay Iowa veteran $550,000 to settle suit over treatment“, Aug. 26, 2017


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