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Truck accidents are happening more and more across the country

There are thousands of accidents involving semitrailers every year across the United States. Several interstate highways crisscross the state of Kentucky, and big rigs utilize these roadways the most. With semitrailers and automobiles sharing the same roadways, truck accidents are bound to happen. Due to their sheer size, accidents involving these rigs are often fatal.

A recent accident involving a semitrailer claimed the lives of two women. The accident involved nine total vehicles and occurred during the morning hours along Interstate 24 in Christian County. Accident reports say traffic had come to a stop on the interstate that morning. A big rig was unable to stop in time and plowed into the stopped traffic, reports indicate.

According to authorities, the semi crashed into a pickup truck which forced the pickup into the back of another semitrailer that was stopped in front of the pickup. Nine total vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction crash in which several of the vehicles caught fire, reports say. Tragically, both occupants of the pickup truck died as a result of the crash. Five other people were injured and taken to hospitals.

Due to the expanding economy in the United States, there is an increasing need to transport goods. So many trucks sharing crowded roadways with other vehicles means truck accidents are inevitable. Those in Kentucky that have lost a loved one in this type of accident may be able to pursue legal action. A successful lawsuit could result in much-needed compensation to help families with medical bills, end-of-life expenses and other documented items of monetary damage.

Source:, “UPDATE: Two Waukon women die in Kentucky crash”, Zach Garcia, Feb. 6, 2018


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