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Top causes of trucking accidents

It probably does not take much to imagine driving on the outskirts of Covington and having to maneuver past a semitruck before it decides to change lanes. In fact, it is more than likely that you have found yourself in the position where you either had to slam on the brakes or hit the gas pedal to avoid getting crushed between a tractor-trailer and a concrete barrier.

It seems like every day there are more and more large commercial trucks on the road. Along with the increase in trucks, there has also been an increase in catastrophic collisions. While many trucking companies have taken steps to improve safety and provide better training, a wreck with a semi is still a very real possibility. For more information on some of the most common causes of truck accidents, read below.

Top causes of accidents

The number one contributing factor of trucking accidents is prescription drug use. Approximately 26 percent of tractor-trailer accidents result because of the operator using prescription drugs and 18 percent occur due to over-the-counter medications. The next major cause is speeding. Trucks that drive too fast are more likely to lose control and become involved in an accident. Unfamiliarity with the route also plays a role in the high rate of truck accidents. Blind turns, curvy roads and other unknown hazards can cause a driver to lose control if such dangers come up unexpectedly.

While you often hear about fatigue being major cause of trucking accidents, in reality, they only make up about 13 percent of instances. Illegal actions, distractions and aggressive driving each account for less than 10 percent of collisions.

Industry improvements

While trucking schools have made efforts to address these issues, they seem to be failing when it comes to providing information on the dangers of mixing any kind of medication and driving. While it may seem harmless to take a dose of cold medicine to fight off the sniffles, combining cough syrup and a big-rig can result in a tragic accident.

By understanding the causes of truck accidents, it can help you avoid becoming a victim in the future. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid every accident. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a truck accident, you might be able to take legal action. It is bad enough to suffer physical injuries due to someone else’s negligence with adding financial losses in as well.


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