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The horror of malicious medical malpractice

A few days ago, NBC’s news program broadcast here in Covington told the heartbreaking story of an “oncologist who inflicted excessive and painful cancer treatments on hundreds of patients — many of whom didn’t have the disease in the first place.” The cancer doctor wept as he was sentenced to spend 45 years in prison for his crimes and malicious medical malpractice.

The physician worked in “an empire of upscale clinics in the Detroit suburbs,” NBC reported. While the doctor said his greed and thirst for power were to blame, and he begged the judge for mercy. It seems likely that few of his former patients will be able to quickly or easily forgive him for what a prosecutor called a “lifetime of suffering.”

The disgraced doctor harmed more than 500 patients, deliberately misdiagnosing people with cancer and administering unneeded chemotherapy to some patients and continuing the treatments for other patients who no longer needed it.

About 20 former patients testified that the physician had taken their savings with his scam and left them with nothing but chronic health problems, NBC reported.

The U.S. Attorney said that chemotherapy involves intensive doses of drugs that are toxic to cancerous tissue as well as healthy tissue. He “gave poison to these people not to keep them alive but to make money,” she said.

Many of the former patients have said they will file medical malpractice and other claims against the man.

While few cases can approach the horror of this one, the result of medical malpractice is inevitably harming to an innocent person. An experienced Cincinnati or Covington medical malpractice attorney can help you and your loved ones seek justice. If you think you have a claim, reach out to TLF: The Medical Injury Law Firm today.


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