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Semitruck cargo must be secured appropriately or it is a hazard

Truckers and people who handle the loading of semi-trucks have to ensure that the cargo they are carrying is secure. The method for doing this depends on the type of cargo, the type of trailer and other similar factors.

When cargo isn’t properly secured, there is a chance that it will shift or come off of the trailer. This could cause the truck to become unstable, which can lead to a semi-truck accident.

Specific regulations apply

There are specific regulations that apply to cargo securement. These include everything from the floor structure to the anchor points for tie-downs. Even the structure of bulkheads is covered in these regulations.

There are specific force strengths that must be met for all of the applicable structures of the trailer. In addition to having to be able to withstand these forces, the elements must be in good shape. There can’t be any weak areas or parts, distress, or damage to the components that help to secure the cargo.

When cargo isn’t solid

Tanker trucks pose a unique hazard because truckers can’t exactly stop liquids from sloshing about when they drive. There are some ways that they can increase safety and prevent liquid surges.

The method of preventing liquid surge depends on the type of tank. Unbaffled tanks, which are smooth on the inside and don’t include any baffles, pose the most risk because there is a lot of surge present. There is nothing that will stop liquid from moving front to back when the truck starts and stops. Truckers with this type of truck, which includes food-carrying tankers, have to ensure they start and stop slowly.

Tankers that have bulkheads have compartments for liquids and are considered one of the safer designs. People who load these must ensure that weight is evenly distributed to increase safety.

Baffled tankers, which have bulkheads with holes, can reduce the front-to-back movement of liquids. It won’t stop it, so truckers must still be careful. The risk with these tankers is that liquid can move side to side, which can lead to a rollover under certain conditions.

Trailers and tankers that are unstable can lead to accidents. Innocent people can be killed or injured. The victims in these crashes might opt to seek compensation, which would mean having to determine who is liable for the improper securement of the cargo.


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