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Recent medical malpractice lawsuit ends in substantial award

Far too often in Kentucky and throughout the United States, patients who are seeking treatment end up suffering long-term injuries as the result of negligent medical care. A man in another state filed a medical malpractice claim after alleged negligence left him paralyzed. The lawsuit ended with the man receiving almost $5 million for his pain and suffering.

According to the lawsuit, the man sought treatment for an infection in his left forearm and wrist. Allegedly, the infection continued to progress and spread to his spinal cord. The man claimed that his doctors failed to perform the necessary imaging studies and tests in order to recognize the advancing infection.

Reportedly, the MRI machine at the medical center was not available for the plaintiff, and his providers did not make other arrangements to have the crucial test performed elsewhere. The lawsuit also alleged that doctors did not order the correct antibiotics to treat his infection. The man claimed this enabled the infection to progress, leaving him with permanent neurological damage and paralyzed from the chest down. He was awarded a total $4.8 million in the lawsuit.

Despite stringent regulations and improved safety measures, patients across the country still suffer from negligent medical care. It’s a proven fact that any time humans are involved, mistakes will be made. Fortunately, there is help available for those in the state of Kentucky who suffer injuries or loss due to medical malpractice. Victims and families could benefit by consulting a legal representative. A successfully litigated claim could result in a substantial monetary award to help victims and families recover any monetary losses.


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