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Medical malpractice can occur in any procedure

Medical malpractice can occur in any procedure

In just the last two decades, health care technology in Kentucky and across the United States has seen tremendous advancements. Many surgical procedures that used to be difficult and invasive are now considered routine. This advanced technology, combined with the expertise of surgeons and physicians, has led to improved outcomes and many lives saved. However, there is always a chance for medical malpractice in any procedure.

A lawsuit filed in another state alleged that the negligent care caused a woman to suffer eye injuries. According to the lawsuit, the woman had a procedure to remove cataracts in her eyes. A little over a month after her procedure, the woman returned to the surgeon for an emergency visit with complaints of blurred vision, tearing and a sensation that a foreign object was stuck in her eye, the lawsuit said. The woman claimed she was diagnosed with corneal edema and prescribed a topical anti-inflammatory medication.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s condition worsened so she visited a different physician who diagnosed her with a bacterial infection known as endophthalmitis. The lawsuit alleged that the defendant did not discover the infection because he did not perform a thorough exam on the plaintiff’s emergency visit, and this led to the plaintiff suffering complications. Reportedly, the lawsuit was recently settled with the plaintiff receiving $500,000.

Negligent care before, during or after a surgical procedure can have devastating effects for patients and families. Kentucky families who have suffered due to medical malpractice can take action by contacting a seasoned attorney. A successful claim could result in a substantial monetary award to help victims and families recover from this terrible experience.


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