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Medical malpractice: Surgery errors can prove fatal

Medical malpractice Surgery errors can prove fatal

When any Kentucky resident visits a medical center for a surgical procedure, he or she trusts that the operation will unfold as planned. Surgery patients place their lives in the hands of capable surgeons and have faith that these professionals will use their expertise to make the procedure a successful one. However, there are always underlying risks with any surgery, no matter how minor the procedure may seem. Tragically, errors or medical malpractice during surgery can result in the death of the patient.

A lawsuit filed by a widower in another state claimed that his wife’s death was caused by negligence during a surgical procedure. The lawsuit said the woman visited a hospital with breathing problems and was diagnosed with excessive fluid surrounding her right lung. Allegedly, the woman’s medical providers ordered a surgery without obtaining an informed consent from her or her husband.

The woman underwent a thoracentesis, and during the procedure, the surgeon damaged her liver and cut her arteries, the lawsuit claimed. The plaintiff said the surgeon reported that the operation was successful and did not acknowledge his alleged mistakes. According to allegations, the woman suffered internal bleeding and died only a few hours after her procedure.

Understandably, most people have faith in doctors and believe what doctors tell them. However, like all humans, doctors can and will make mistakes. Families in Kentucky who have suffered as a result of negligence could benefit by consulting an experienced and skilled litigator. A successful medical malpractice claim could result in much-needed compensation to ease pain and suffering and help with medical expenses and loss of income.


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