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Medical malpractice continues to affect thousands of people

There is a certain amount of risk involved with any kind of surgery no matter how minor the procedure may seem. Although the term “routine surgery” gets used a lot, there really is no such thing as a routine surgical procedure. If physicians and other caregivers are not focused and attentive before, during or after a surgery, the patient(s) could be seriously injured or even killed. Unfortunately, this type of medical malpractice is responsible for thousands of injuries every year in Kentucky and across the United States.

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after she allegedly lost the use of her arm after a surgical procedure on her colon. According to the lawsuit, the woman underwent a procedure to remove part of her colon but during her recovery she developed a condition known as cubital tunnel syndrome. Allegedly, she lost the use of her hand, wrist and arm, and also experienced pain.

The lawsuit said the plaintiff had to undergo additional surgeries in an attempt to remedy the problem. However, she says she is still unable to use her hand and arm. She claims she was not properly diagnosed and cared for after her colon surgery, which led to her suffering injuries. The plaintiff seeks monetary damages and a trial by jury.

When doctors and caregivers deviate from the accepted standard of care, patients can suffer catastrophic injuries and even death. Kentucky residents who have suffered due to medical malpractice can take matters into their own hands by contacting an experienced attorney. A successfully litigated claim could provide substantial compensation to help victims and families financially recover this tragic experience.


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